Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Music Venues and "Making" an Area

The following is a response to a post on the blog Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space about why music venues are good for revitalization, and just generally making an area cool.
A concert space would be great. I'm sure one would run into major opposition from people afraid of noise pollution. But Richard is right, people will head to some out of the way little place for a good concert. Perhaps a place like this might follow the opening of Joe Englert's bars (not so much the sports bar, but Show Bar might do it). A concert space would be good because it would pretty much ensure some night time traffic. Night time traffic means customers for any coffee shops/restaurants/diners that might stay open late. Foot traffic also makes an area safer simply because there are people around. Hey, maybe if we had decent foot traffic late, people would stop illegally dumping trash in front of the Salvation Army on Saturday nights. A final note is that you can have concerts even in very small spaces (check out Saint-EX, which is really a bar cafe, but does host small concerts, and is currently making a splash with its IPod Night).

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your comment. As a recent transplant from the U Street district, were my wife and i lived for ten years, night life really drove the revitilization of that neigborhood.
We moved to there for the night life.
Of course H street may not have historically been a entertainment district like U street but i think it could really benifit from some diverse entertainment, including live music. People want to party in their own neighborhood.