Friday, May 20, 2005

Farmers' Market & PSA 504 Meeting Tomorrow

Don't forget about these!

The Fresh Farm market will be open again tomorrow:
600 block of H Street

The PSA 504 meeting is tomorrow:
Bethesda Baptist Church
1808 Capitol Avenue NE


Rob said...

Did that meeting happen? I went to the church and the custodian didn't know where it was. Maybe I was at the wrong church. But the famer's market was nice...thanks for the reminder!

inked said...

The meeting did happen, but they held it at the community center next door. I went to the church initially (and I wasn't the only one). The MPD website gave the Church as the location of the meeting. I went home and checked the postcard (the one I got Friday, but didn't look at since I had already seen that the meeting was at the church), and that is where I found the community center location.

Rob said...

Ahhhh, bummer. Oh well, I'll try the next one.
I hope you'll accept imitation as a form of flattery...I've started doing public posts in my livejournal w/ pics of Trinidad as well because I's going to change and it'll be cool to go back and look at the 'befores'.

inked said...

Hey, I say the more pictures the better. I need to shoot some more back in Trinidad now that the trees actually have leaves. I have a bunch of pictures of that green house that is being gutted (the one on your page).