Monday, February 13, 2006

Rumor re: 1216 Mount Olivet

A rumor is circulating that 1216 Mt. Olivet has been sold. 1216 Mt. Olivet was one of the sites mentioned at Vincent Orange's recent emergency meeting about strip clubs possibly coming to the area.


Jim said...

It probably isn't the Montello address, since that is zoned R4. Mt. Olivet is more likely - has anyone heard anything more on this?

inked said...

The rumor that I heard was specifically about 1216 Mount Olivet. This stretch of Mount Olivet is zoned C-M-1 on the Ivy City side (where this property is located). The property is indeed right off Montello. I haven't heard any talk of a property that actually has a Montello address, most of Montello is R4 & you could not put a club in an R4 area. I have only heard of the Mt. Olivet address & the West Virginia Ave addreaa. Again, only rumor that the property sold to Seigel.

I have no idea why I typed Montello in the post (I was probably thinking "right off Montello). Sorry, I'll fix that.