Thursday, April 27, 2006

1200 Block of Florida

From a few months ago when were doing a little work on the south side of Florida (1200 block). Speaking of tearing things up, has anyone seen any workers over at the condo site in the 1200 block of Morse (where that house fell over into their pit)? I'm told that the site of the mostly dug out & half built giant has been strangely silent in recent weeks.


Anonymous said...

According to rumour, they tried to stick an extra floor on the structure that wasn't in the plans submitted. This caused the city to issue a stop work order. Did the builder put in a foundation where the old house used to be? The work on that place has been pretty sporadic.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I take my dog to the park across the street every morning and I haven't seen workers there at all since the first days after the house caved in.

Anonymous said...

this isn't actually about that site- but i found this article about youthbuild which operates in the area. seems like a neat program. anyone know much about it?