Monday, April 24, 2006

Argonaut T-Shirts Available!

They're black with white print. They feature a skull and cross bones on the front & back. The front announces the name of the famed establishment, and the back suggests that the Argonaut boasts "The Best Booty Around" (no doubt a reference to the house draft Booty Beer). In other Argonaut news:
1. outdoor seating & weekend brunch are coming (pending a public space permit)
2. the upstairs bar will soon be open to the public (also pending approval by the correct agency)
3. They have a new chef & a new menu (which they are still tweaking a bit).


Anonymous said...

The new menu is OK. Lots more vegetarian options. I'd still love to see some lighter options, though--like an entree salad or two. They had ahalf jerk chicken special a few days ago that looked good and would make a nice permanent addition to the menu.

inked said...

They are working on it & Scott (the manager & a part owner) says you can add chicken or other items to the house salad if you want a more substantial meal.

Anonymous said...

Stopped in yesterday [Sunday] for lunch. Service and food was good.

Sunday brunch would be awesome!

Wisecracking Tofu Midget said...

Anyone know what the house beer is? Usually it's Saranac or similar. Just curious. Personally, I like the Viking Lager (them's my peeps, after all).

Kerry said...

Their Booty Beer is actually just Red Hook IPA. My friend and I were betting (as loyal Portland natives) that it was Mirror Pond IPA, but we were mistaken.

A tasty brew, all the same.

inked said...

Kerry is right. The beer is REd Hook IPA.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Red Hook makes good beer.

Anonymous said...

It's also cheap,as Red Hook is partially owned, and fully distributed, by Anheuser Busch. While I love Mirror Pond IPA, getting that in DC would be pricey in a keg.