Tuesday, April 04, 2006

City Paper Story on Lack of Seats

I thought this City Paper piece might be relevant to our conversation about restaurants on H Street (and also relevant to Mr. Schwartzman's article).

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Anonymous said...

That's very sad to hear about Laval's (Sit Down) Restaurant and I am truly sorry to read of its closing. He was quoted as saying "there are no power lunches in Ward 8" and while that may be true, if he could ONLY come to H Street, because with its proximity to The Hill there could EASILY be power lunches on H St. This should also make the owner of Cluck-U-Chicken take notice and ask himself, "Would I rather have a fast food establishment that caters to people driving out of The District on their way to PG County or would I rather create an establishement that could potentially bring in larger profits to me and MY neighborhood?" Mr. Cluck-U is in an area that Mr. Laval's could only dream about! Maybe they could work out a lease-swap agreement.