Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Inside the Ohio Restaurant

Located in the 1300 block of H Street, the Ohio offers southern food & burgers. There's a feeling inside of being some place far removed from the commercial strip of the H Street Corridor (despite the view of the street through the open door). It seems more like a place you might find while on a roadtrip somewhere.
Around three o'clock a table of three women in their twenties sat talking off to the side. As they left the woman on the end came in to relax with a Heinekin & the man sitting by the register ordered the pig's foot platter. I had a cheeseburger & sweet tea.
A picture of Martin Luther King Jr. guards the entrance to the kitchen.
Old photos adorn the wall above the Ohio's modest bar.
The old phone booth visible on the right no longer affords patrons privacy when making phone calls, but it does remind you exactly how long the the business has been around.
The chef discusses his hopes for the future at the Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures. Did you take one of the really cool phone booth?

inked said...

It's visible in the corner of the top photo. I do have one other shot (I'll post it later) that shows it better.

Anonymous said...

I dig the Ohio. I wish there the picture showed some more butts on those stools.

Jamy said...

Do they really have sweet tea? That alone will get me to visit.

inked said...

Well, it was tea & it was sweet. Having grown up in a family where we always took our iced tea unsweetened, I can't really say if this tea passes any sort of real southern sweet tea test (I didn't ask if the tea was homebrewed).

jaime said...

These are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

best photographer in NE! good work!

looking forward to the photo book!


Anonymous said...

clint eastwood filmed a scene here for In The Line Of Fire

Anonymous said...

Excellent phots.
Next time, try to order from the handwritten menu, rather than a hamburger. The guy can cook a mean beef brisket.

Anonymous said...

I agree, great pictures. I didn't get a chance to try the tea, I opted for my usual orange soda. I did however taste the roasted chicken quarter, the greens, and the macaroni and cheese.... I'd give it 4stars. Never tasted chicken so tender and season throughout. I asked the lady behind the counter what was in the chicken and she, with a beming smile and a pleasant voice, called off a list of herbs and ingredients. I asked her to tell the chef to keep up the good work, and she replied "thank you, I try" with a giggle. I thought she was joking, until an older gentleman at the end of the bar chimed in "did you taste her cornbread yet?", with an approving smile on his face.......... Im not sure about the guy chef you speak of, but this young lady, clearly not even out of her late 20's is very good as well. We then went on to talk about my band, my website, and a few other things. She seems really down to earth and made me feel like I was at home rather than in a mom n pop type diner. The young lady who owns the place with her sister, neither of whom even look out of her 20's, maybe early 30's, is very kind and very knowledgeable about the real estate business and has big plans for the place. Watch out H st. These young and focused women seem potentially a force to be recconed with in a good way. I left full, tipsy, and with a smile on my face. My fiancee works nearby and highly recommends the chitterlings and the smothered pork chops. Sounds like these young ladies know what they are doing.