Monday, April 24, 2006

Ward 6 Council Candiates Forum

When: Doors open @7pm & Forum begins @ 7:30pm Tuesday April 25th
Where: Hine Junior High School Auditorium

What: Straw Poll (non-binding) of Ward 6 Democrats starts at 7:30 p.m. and ends 15 minutes after conclusion of forum

Cosponsored by: the Ward 6 Democrats, the Voice of the Hill Newspaper, CHAMPS (the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals), the Capitol Hill Restoration Society, the Stanton Park Neighborhood Association, and the Ward 6 Mini Commission of the Office on Aging.

A media panel of Ward 6 residents will question the candidates; participants are Lida Holland Churchville of The Southwester, Sam Ford of ABC-TV, Andrew Lightman of The Hill Rag, Mark Seagraves of WTOP News, and Patti Shea of The Voice of the Hill.

Written audience questions will provide other Ward 6 residents with an opportunity to ask hard questions of the five Democratic candidates who seek to represent Ward 6 on the DC Council. Participating Democratic Candidates: Will Cobb, Curtis Etherly, Keith Jarrell, Leo Pinson, and Tommy Wells have confirmed their participation.

For further information:
Jan Eichhorn, President
The Ward 6 Democrats


Anonymous said...

Reax from those who went? Any results from the straw poll?

Anonymous said...

Results from the Ward 6 Dems:

Tommy Wells 119 (55% of votes cast)
Curtis Etherly 30 (14%)
Leo Pinson 23 (11%)
"undecided" 18 (8%)
Will Cobb 7 (3%)
"other" 8 (4%)
Keith Jarrell 2 (1%; was reported as 0%, but that's technically wrong)

There were 14 additional ballots for which the DC voter registration has not been confirmed.

Bottom line: Cobb, Jarrell, and this Other character need to come to grips with reality.

Anonymous said...

It's way too early for anyone to leave the race. If Will and Keith can get enough signatures on their petitions to be on the ballot, then the race is on. Many of the people casting ballots last night, didn't even go into the auditorium to listen to candidates.

One of the interesting developments are the questions about where Etherly lives. No doubt that he owns property in ward 6, but does he really live there?

Ward 5 is the race to watch, it looks like there are least a dozen hats in the ring.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone who went get any ideas about who would do the most for the H street and surrounding area?