Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WP: Novelty Rose Pipes

It's hardly news that those minature novelty roses in tiny tubes are more sinister than they look, but the Post has a story on efforts in Anacostia to force stores to stop selling the items. In case you haven't heard, the way it works is that you toss the rose & stick a little piece of Choreboy in your tube, and then your crack goes in the end. The Anacosta effort is viewed as special because it is so organized. As part of the campaign, the liquor licenses of 19 stores are being challenged on the grounds that they knowingly sell drug paraphrenalia. Speaking of knowing what you are selling, a few years ago I walked into a store on Florida Ave and after looking around, asked if they had any scouring pads (I may have asked for Choreboy, I was scrubbing gunk off my old kitchen cabinet doors). The woman behind the glass asked me if I wanted a whole pad, or just a little piece of one.


Deb G. said...

Someone stole the scroll container from my mezzuzah for what I suspected was the same purpose as the rosebuds. Now, that was cold. Worse, it was an atisan mezzuzah and I've not been able to replace the scroll container so far. Sigh. Still, I feel better thinking it was ignorance than a direct anti-semetic attack.

Kerry said...

I, for one, had no idea why those were sold all over. In any case, I suppose I applaud any effort to get people to stop smoking crack, but really, it seems foolish to me for so many people to spend so much time making it marginaly more difficult to smoke crack. Nobody is going to stop smoking weed because they can't buy Phillies and nobody's crackhead is going to give up on smoking because they can't by a rose tube.

I just feel like the time spent on stopping the sales of these roses could be better spent investing in the community in other ways.

inked said...

I belive that you can always use a pen, or part of a car antenna.

Kerry said...

Or a soda can, or a lightbulb, or part of a florescent lighting tube. It just seems like such a futile effort. Somewhat akin to taking Sudafed off the shelves to stop meth.