Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WP: Winds of Change Blow Uneasily on H Street

Check out this photo gallery from today's Post.


Mose said...

This is the first quote you see when you follow the link: "Developers and city officials are spending millions of dollars to transform H Street Northeast into an upscale urban paradise, making some residents anxious about changes sweeping a corridor that was once at the center of black Washington."

The phrase "center of black Washington", or words to that effect, get thrown around quite a bit, especially during discussions of gentrification. So my non-rhetorical question is this: which neighborhood "was" the center of black Washington? I've heard H-street so described, but I've also heard it more convincingly said of Ledroit Park, U street and Shaw, and that's not to mention Trinidad or any areas across the river in Southeast. For that matter, what is the center of black Washington?

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that the media always paints change as bad for blacks and good for whites. This is ridiculous! I am black and think that changing H street and getting rid of some of the delapidated buildings is definitely a good change for everyone. As for the center of black Washington, since Washington has traditionally predominately black city--it seems there are likely to be multiple "black epi-centers."

Anonymous said...

What exactly is an "upscale urban paradise."? That's even more loaded and similarly content-free.

Scenic Artisan said...

upscale urban paradise sounds like no admission for me!

is the vision for "upscale" or revitalized?

Anonymous said...

These Washington Post writers--talk about inflammatory! They know how to inject ridiculous words and do crazy edits don't they! We need to write a letter to them to stop twisting things so much!