Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Follow-Up on Saturday's Tour

The owner of African food store discussed how he purchased his shop only nine months ago & hopes to build his wholesale and retail business. His store, located on 6th Street did not appear in the recent Post map of the wholesale food district.
Richard has a little write-up of the informal practice tour we did of the Capitol City Market last weekend.
The owner of Caribbean Cresent showed off his wares.


Richard Layman said...

Some of my photos just didn't come out, I still need to work out how to deal with light. Your photo in Caribbean Crescent works so much better than mine... In keeping with your desires for anonymity, I didn't post a photo of you by the chili peppers at Don Pepe's.

Anonymous said...

Is that the owner of Caribbean Crescent? I thought the owner was Naeem (sp?). I think that he is out of the country for a while on vacation. Anyhow, they have a pretty good selection of meats at better prices than the supermarkets. Also, where else can you buy five pounds of goat.

inked said...

He might be the manager. I thought he was the owner, but I could be mistaken.