Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rock & Roll Hotel Opens Tonight!

Image used with permission. All rights reserved.

The Rock & Roll Hotel, located at 1353 H Street, will open its doors to the public for the first time tonight. Tonight will be the soft opening. The Grand Opening is set for tomorrow night. The Hotel is primarily meant to be a performance space for live music (somewhat like a smaller version of today's 9:30 Club), but will feature some dj nights. Two other notable features of the Hotel are rehearsal space & theme rooms that you can rent out for parties.



Anonymous said...

I can't remember, will they serve food at this establishment? If so, do they have an actual kitchen?

inked said...

They have a big kitchen. They will serve Mediterranean appetizer/tapas plates.

Kerry said...

So there's a bar/restaurant separate from the concert space itself? That is to say, I can go for a beer even if I don't feel like going to see the band?

Rob said...

Saw some people hanging around outside when I drove by this evening. I love Mediterranean food...thanks Joe E!

inked said...

Ok, to answer a few of the earlier questions:
1. No food yet because the kitchen isn't ready. But, eventually this kitchen will be the source for the food at most of the other associated places on H Street.
2. The concert space is downstairs & there is a separate (2nd) bar upstairs. So during a show you would pay to go into the concert space, but not to visit the bar upstairs. ZThe is a very similar set-up to what the Black Cat has going on with the Red Room Bar.

Jon said...

I was there at the soft opening last night. The setup of the place is killer. It seems like it will be a really nice addition to the local scene. A lot more open space than most of the other new bars, and a nice overall feel. Joe & co have really done a fine job on this one.