Monday, September 11, 2006

Florida Market Movements

I came across a post on the blog In Shaw (Truxton Circle) mentioning that the agenda for tonight's Bates Area Civic Association contains a presentation by John Ray on the Florida Market & Residences at Florida Ave & 4th NE (it sounds from the In Shaw post like the building is supposed to be 10 stories). This presentation is related to the plan to transform the Capital City Market/Florida Market area (the unofficial proposal, which I think stinks, involves basically bulldozing the existing market, putting up some "affordable" housing, adding stuff like a bowling alley, outdoor ampitheater, YMCA, youth center, medical clinic, ect., & basically setting up a suburban style mini-town with the o-so-creative name of "New Town").

Here's the meeting info in case you are dying to hear Mr. Ray's speech:

Bates Area Civic Association, Inc. Monthly Meeting

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
3rd and Q Streets, NW
Community Room
Washington, DC

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Monday Sept. 11th

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