Monday, September 18, 2006

H Street Festival This Weekend

Where: 12th & H -14th & H.
When: Saturday Sept. 23rd from 12pm-6pm
Check out the website.


Carnivorous said...

why is the website not updated with any information on this year's festival? not even a date? or the fact that it's in NE DC?

inked said...

It's my understanding that the festival is largely being handled by 2 people, so I can imagine that the effort may be a bit overwhelming for them. The website is nice looking, & you've got the information. You could always volunteer to help them out.

beatbombadeer said...

Inked, the website has no information for this years event. no performance line up, no running times, no location? but it does look good. unfortunately that aint gonna help people get there. what do you do if you are performing and want to give people a link to get em out? any suggestions? (oh, and I think carnivorous is trying to help out, by asking the question...)

inked said...

Guys, the info is on the website, just not on the front page where it should be. The info is buried under "purpose" & "about." There are things I think should be changed about the website. I'm just saying that HSMS recently had a big shakeup & I suspect that this is part of the issue here. It's great to point out oversights, or suggests possible alterations (I never said don't point them out, I just offered some factors I think are in play here). It is, however, far better to point out oversights, or suggest changes & offer to help out so there is a workforce to make those changes.