Monday, September 18, 2006

Sidamo: Coming Soon!

I recently (a few weeks back, I'm behind on uploading photos) was able to sneak a peek inside H Street's newest coffee & tea shop. Sidamo, located at 417 H Street, will likely open very soon. Sidamo is an Ethiopian coffee shop & will offer light fare including sandwiches & pastries. It will also feature a weekly traditional Ethiopian tea ceremony in a laid back environment.

Here you see the original tin ceilings that remain intact.

The main space, shown above (please remember that these photos are a few weeks old), features high ceiling for that airy feel.

Out back there are plans to set up three tables so you can enjoy the weather on pleasant days.

Sidamo is located near (the businesses mentioned below are all located in the 400 block of H Street, but they are not the only businesses in the 400 block):
Reader's Lounge
Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill
Dynamic Health & Wellness


Jay said...

I'm really excited about this coffee shop/house/place to hang out and relax, particularly after I found out that the church that runs Ebenezer's (2nd and F NE) has (among other things) an anti-gay agenda, funding Operation Rescue, preaching against homosexuality, etc.

Anyway, one question - do we know if this place will have free wireless internet?

inked said...

No news on the wireless issue, but you can always go to R&B Coffee for free wifi.

Rob said...

Thanks for the tip on Ebenezer's, Jay. You'll never see me in there again. Too bad, it's a nice building.
I'm patiently waiting for R&B to expand their hours, but I totally understand the challenges that confront an entrepreneur.

Anonymous said...

Rats. I hate finding out that my nearest coffeehouse is funding hate.

Results of some online digging:

NCC is the same church founded by Pentecostal nutjob Rob Schenck, a leader of Operation Rescue:

[begin quote]

A year later, Schenck "planted," as he puts it, the National Community Church, a charismatic Pentecostal congregation, in order to "reach out to the subculture on Capitol Hill." Beginning, Schenck recalls, in a dilapidated building in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Southeast Washington, lack of air conditioning during the capital's notoriously sultry summers prompted the congregation's relocation to an even more unorthodox location--the AMC movie theatre in Washington's Union Station. The congregation soon came to include Ashcroft and his family, as well as a number of congressional staffers.

[end quote]

Anonymous said...

Is the new coffeeshop going to compete with R&B? Does H have room for two coffee shops at this point?

I like R&B, but I've noticed that they aren't really busy on the weekends. I've never had trouble finding a seat there. I like them and I would love for them to really succeed since they are friendly and the staff there obviously cares about providing good service.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it will really compete since the two are quite a few blocks apart. Has anyone checked out the Readers Lounge-its really nice there and they have jazz in the evenings on weekends.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are competitors. I would happily walk to Sidamo (living by Union Station) for a quick cup but not all the way to R&B.

The coffee at Ebenezer's isn't actually that good anyways

Anonymous said...

Any news on the 3rd/H Street site? I know there was a hearing, but haven't heard much about it.

Anonymous said...

There's an update on the Steuart (Harris Teeter) project at 3/H in this earlier FT comment thread.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if reader's lounge has wifi? i know r&b does, but want to know about RL.

Anonymous said...

Is the Readers Lounge still open for business? I passed by on Sunday (9/24) and it looks like they've moved?