Thursday, October 26, 2006

DC Crime Map

Brought to you by DCMPD. Check out the map, and check out this story on it from the Post.
By the way, the map won't work with Firefox.


Kerry said...

Good to know that while the five blocks surrounding my house have had a handful of homocides and about 50 assults with a deadly weapon over the past year, there have been ZERO acts of arson. In fact, the past TWO years have been arson free.

One fewer worry for the residents of the 15th and D NE environs.

pingo said...

Interesting. Lots of blue crosses.
What do those represent?

Anonymous said...

lol at kerry's comment. every block has its criminal claim to fame, kerry, just think of the poor saps who live in the arson district! and if you want to have your car stolen/broken into, apparently parking it within 500 feet of my house will do the trick. also it's interesting to to see how the robberiers and assaults tend to be clustered around well known drug spots.

Anonymous said...

There were two acts of arson at the same house, in the 1200 block of E street NE last year. The 2nd event made the Post because a woman had to jump from the 2nd floor.Who knows what else is missing from those stats,

Sue Doc said...

Thanks for the link! Very enlightening. My neighborhood isn't as bad as I thought. :)

BTW, it works fine with my version of Firefox -- on OSX.

Sandra "S.S." Seegars said...

From ANC Commissioner Sandra "S.S." Seegars, MPD supporter.

This map is long over due. I find it to be informative and accurate for my area - PSA 705, eastern side of Congress Heights.

Tell Chuck Ramsey, my chief of police, that this map is a winner. I do hope that the maintenance of the map will always be up to date.

Thanks MPD.

Tom said...

Check out this map ... I made it over a weekend two months ago. Post didn't even mention it in their article.