Thursday, October 26, 2006

Post/Non-Post Gallaudet Update

Washington Post

1. Here's a story about a construction vehicle being used to clear an entrance blocked by protestors. A few students suffered minor injuries.

2. Here's a transcript from the radio interview with a sociology chair and a student.

3. Protestors took their message to Congress, now so has the university.

4. And here's an interesting piece disputing the characterization of Gallaudet as the center of deaf culture in America. Thanks to Brendan for leaving this one in the comments.

Non-Washington Post (i.e. other sources)

1. A post from Central Floridians for FSSA responding to an endorsement of Fernandes from one of the students murdered at Gallaudet a few years ago.

2. Interested in seeing more of the protests? Click here for some videos.

3. The handful of student participating in a hunger strike continue.

4. Here's a Washington TImes article focusing on the hunger strikers.

5. The Times (UK) has a story (Oct. 17th, but this is a bit off my radar) on the protests.

6. NBC Nightly News offered (during the May protests) this segment on the issue.

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