Thursday, October 26, 2006

VOH: Mistrial in Rivera Case

The strange saga of an alleged conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering (involving a pyramid scheme committed by one of the men) that may have involved two men (one, Robert Hall, was convicted at trial to some charges, and pled guilty to others) who served as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners in 6C (Hall resigned from his seat after moving out of district, and current Commissioner Anthony Rivera replaced him after an election). An additional man, involved in business with Mr. Hall was just acquitted at trial (notably, an expert testified that this defendant's name had been forged on a key document). Mr. Rivera has been on trial for a number of charges involving the laundering and movement of funds generated by Mr. Hall's ponzi scheme. In yet another twist this trial has ended in a hung jury (9-2-1). A retrial undoubtedly looms in Mr. Rivera's future (as does an election, since his name is on the November 7th ballot). Get the full coverage from Voice of the Hill.


Anonymous said...

BTW, a mistrail doesn't mean that someone is innocent OR guilty. This guy has liens against his house (2), has been successfully sued on multiple occasions, and in my opinion, this is indicative of a serious character flaw. After reading the VOH article, I have serious issues with his responses to examination/cross examination.

This is definitely NOT the kind of person I want to represent an area that aspires to something better for all residents. Rivera is one of those aspects that our area needs to leave behind.

He would do us all a great service to bow out of the race.

I doubt he will. Charlatan's have a strong will. That's how they survive. If this guy is elected (which wouldn't happen in any other part of the U.S. where people actually care about progress), our area will likely repeat it's past. As, in my opinion, will Rivera.

It's just sad that he's giving voters an option to stymie the progress of an area that is in dire need of moving forward.

What bugs me most is that this guy is actually getting attention. Folks like this should be ostracized, not encouraged.

The fact that so many previous legal processes against him have succeeded in court is pretty indicative.

It's just me, but in any other part of this country, this guy would have bowed out.

Morality and ethics should govern elections. Not ambiguity.

By the way, the prosecuters have stated that they will put him back on trial.

A vote for Rivera means another interim election if he's convicted.

This just really makes me sick.

Are other folks actually buying his BS?????

concerned resident

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why "concerned resident" even lives in such a lowlife area. One would think such a morally superior person would choose to live " in any other area"...say one the one that Kenneth Lay used to live in. LOL


Anonymous said...

That was the best you could come up with?

Interesting opinion.....

Anonymous said...

Maze must be the blog name for Rivera, or one of his supporters. It is laughable that being labeled "morally superior" is a result of a resident expecting that an elected ANC Commissioner obeys laws and is not charged with a felony. Regardless of the area in which one choses to live, one should expect elected officials to uphold and abide by local and ederal laws. As a native Washingtonian I want to forget someone like Rivera ever served in an elected position in our area.

13th Street NE

media assassin said...

Rivera is an idiot and will always be! Mr. Know-it-all knows definitely knows how to lie, cheat, and steal! He probably got his house by fudging his tax returns! Low life degenerate!