Friday, January 05, 2007

Long Arm of the Law Not Quite Long Enough hold former ANC 6C Commissioner Anthony Rivera. The government has reportedly dropped all charges against Rivera after trying him twice (hung juries) on multiple charges stemming from the laundering of proceeds from a ponzi scheme perpetrated by former ANC 6C Commissioner Robert Hall (who was found guilty of some charges, and pled guilty to others). So ends (I think) a very colorful saga that featured Mr. Hall (who will spend considerable time behind bars) representing himself, Mr. Rivera suing (representing himself of course) current ANC Commissioner Alan Kimber (a recount established that Mr. Kimber had, in fact, defeated Mr. Rivera) for defamation, and loads more general wackiness.


Anonymous said...

This almost makes me embarassed to be a DC resident, let alone a voter.

Very, very sad.......

This guy definitely doesn't represent me.

Unlike others, I've actually met him.

Don't ask my opinion of him.

Methinks that there's already too much pessimism.

Dude's a turd.... IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're talking about Rivera, not Kimber. Difference is like night and day.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm talking about Rivera!

Kimber is a local source of pride!

Anonymous said...

DITTO on Anon's 1:17 a.m. honest opinion.

I don't know who EVER voted for him before and still voted for him in the 2006 Election.

Thank God -- Kimber won. And Kimber is already quite impressive.