Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Phish Tea to Become Golf-Themed Tavern??

A patron waits for her drink at Phish Tea.
This interesting little item appears on the 6A ABL agenda. It appears that Joe Englert has plans to purchase the massive Phish Tea building & transform it into some sort of golf-themed club. No word on what sort of food he'd likely serve there, but since he plans to seek a CT license he'd need to serve some food. This golf thing isn't knew. Rather, it has repeatedly popped up as a project Mr. Englert would like to take on. At one point there was word that he might plan to open a miniature golf course a bit further up Benning Road. This sounds like a more viable option.
The meeting will be at 7PM at Sherwood Recreation Center (10th & G) on Tuesday, January 16.

The site of the proposed restaurant/tavern.
There will also be a representative speaking about the restaurant and tavern that Bernard "Cluck-U-Chicken" Gibson plans to open on the 2nd floor of a building on the corner of 12th & H.


pingo said...

The golf tavern sounds great!
Here's a link to one in the U.S.

and here's the famous one in edinburgh:

I think the triple bogie decker sounds pretty good!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a big golfer, and even I have trouble thinking this is a good bar theme.

Anonymous said...

If it had put-put it would be cool, but if it's simply a bar with a golf theme, I think it's a pretty stupid idea. How many people around H St. really play golf or care about the PGA? It sounds like an idea for the suburbs.

mfaith said...

I think the theme thing might be going a bit too far with this one as well,but it may surprise some of the nay-sayers here to go out on the golf course at Langston (just down Benning Road)or Carter Barron in Rock Creek and see the diversity of people who play golf in this city and in this neighborhood.

Further, I live next door to a family whose little girls play golf after school and who were super excited when my boyfriend and I gave them a few of our old clubs.

Anonymous said...

The working trade name is "H St. Country Club"--we would have 19 putt-putt holes with a Washington/historical/political theme.
Also, six 9-foot billiards tables by the hour.
We would seve updates of American Classics (goat cheese hamburgers, four cheese mac and cheese with roasted mushrooms, angus beef foot long hotdogs/frito pie, corn on the cob, milkshakes, pumpkin pie all year round.
Two or three bars.
Open Saturday and Sunday early for kids and families
Thanks--Joe Englert

Anonymous said...

This would be great! There are more golfers near Hst than you think.......

pingo said...

This'll work. Once word gets out, we'd be attracting an even more varied group of people to H Street. A lot of folks on the Hill, south of H Street would definitely start making the trek over, methinks.

Way to go Joe!

Anonymous said...

I also think this sounds fun. Capitol Hill needs more family/kid friendly activities.

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous 1:37. The way Joe Engler describes it is actually quite cool. I have two kids, and I would love some close put-put!

Anonymous said...

joe, i hope you read this, i saw that the beehive went from mexican food to asian. PLEASE bring a good mexican, tex-mex, or spanish food restaurant to H street!!!

Chris Metzler said...

It would get my business for the pool tables alone. My girlfriend and I have hit the quarters table upstairs at the Rock and Roll Hotel, but otherwise have been bummed that there's not more of an opportunity to play pool around the neighborhood.

Nate B said...

I'm pretty psyched about this addition and think it could be a great draw. And can we take a moment to cheer that Joe E. still thinks H is a good investment and wants in even deeper?

On the Sticky Rice vs. Beehive issue...believe me I'd love some quality Mexican nearby, but the Hill is decently stocked with Mexican. Getting a passable piece of sushi around here, however, is a mission impossible.

Anonymous said...

am absolutely not interested in golf! i think it would better down by the golf course or are we afraid to go there? How about something that would attract daytime traffic? maybe a book store or nice clothing boutique.H st also needs to look good during the daylight hours!