Sunday, January 07, 2007

WP: Another Shooting in Carver Terrace

Carver Terrace during a recent community solidarity march against violence. That's Councilmember Harry Thomas (before he took office) on the right.
A man was shot and killed last night in the most event in a recent spate of violence to hit the neighborhoods. His body was discovered in an alley. The man's wound was probably related to a large number of shell casings recovered several blocks away along with a handgun, and another victim who suffered a shot to the ankle. A car, and an apartment window were also hit by bullets.


Anonymous said...

Lovel Harris victim, was a former student of mine in Arlington VA. He was currently a student at Wakefield High School in Arlington when he was killed over the weekend. He was a nice young man with a troubled background. He lived in Arlington but frequently visited his father's old hood of Carver Terrace. His father was killed in two years ago in the same community. The story was reported on channel 7 WJLA this am. It is available on line. This community needs police control.

I am uncertain when and what development is going to occur on the large parcel of land behind Hechinger Mall, but this project and the Starburst plaza may bring some needed Police attention.
I just think it is important to put a name with these senseless kilings and drug/gang related cases. Studnets and teachers in Arlington were disturbed to hear this news. A good kid in the wrong place most likely with the wrong people.

inked said...

Thanks for the tip. Do you recall the name of the segment? I can't find it online. Anyone have better luck?

Anonymous said...

Wait---a kid with a "troubled background" and a father who also got killed in the same 'hood, and you say "this community needs police control"?!!??

Some dope has to be responsible for his own actions somewhere down the line. It ain't all the police's or community's fault.

Wanna-be gangstas in Carver Terrace and Trinidad will pop you off if you look at em funny, while their idiot parents are dead or strung out on PCP all the while, and grandpa and grandma takie care of em but teach em first thing that "snitch" is someone you kill.

Hon, it ain't the community that needs police control. The moms and dads need birth control and the kids need someone to teach 'em self-control, period, cause they ain't learning it at home and they got to learn it somwhere.