Thursday, May 17, 2007

Last Night's Meeting

The topics was the possible relocation to Ward 5 of 5 different strip clubs (some gay, some straight). Last night's meeting was surprisingly low-key and people generally behaved themselves well (even if some speakers did take rather long turns speaking). The clubs would definitely not all be looking at a single location. Here are the details:
1) Edge/Wet (Nexus) 2046 W. Virginia Ave, NE
2) Club 55, 2155 24th Place, NE
3) Zigfields/Secrets, V Street, NE (off NY Ave & Bladensburg)
4) Heat, 2132 W. Virginia Ave, NE
5) Club Rendevous, to be determined

People were overwhelmingly opposed to the clubs. There was opposition to the noise, parking, other spillover issues that can accompany clubs. No one singled out the fact that some of these are gay clubs.