Sunday, December 30, 2007

Collapse @Jimmy's Tire

Snowy Morning at Jimmy's Tire
Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up: Jimmy's Tire in happier days.
A small wall collapsed at Jimmy's Tire, 1215 K Street, late afternoon yesterday. Construction crews working on the condos at Capitol Hill Oasis had been excavating behind the building. The collapse, along with fears of a possible gas leak, attracted a large number of emergency vehicles, and a television crew from Channel 4. The Mayor may have also made an appearance as things were wrapping up. Speculation has it that the situation may result in some fines for the builder, particularly because they are rumored to have unearthed an old heating oil tank in the past few days, and it isn't clear if the proper authorities were notified. But that is rumor only, and I can't vouch for a bit of it. In unrelated news, the developer behind the Capitol Hill Oasis project is also rumored to have made past inquiries into purchasing Jimmy's Tire, so this must be a somewhat awkward moment.
Demolition of one of the buildings that preceded the townhomes.
The beginning phases of the pre-fab townhomes.
These photos all show the townhomes, which are located next to Jimmy's Tire. The condos will be located behind Jimmy's Tire and behind the townhomes. Which means that the will basically be right off the alley. The townhomes and the condos share a common developer.
Even the Haz-Mat team was on site yesterday. The street was closed off for quite a while.


soul searcher said...

yeah, i live a few blocks from here and meant to post about this. the damage to jimmy's looked fairly minimal to my untrained eye, but i was about 100 feet away (hard to get close with all the emergency folks around).

poo poo said...

wow, the MILLION DOLLAR HOMES look kind of dinky.

has anyone checked them out? are they all sold? are they really as crappy as they seem from the outside?


although... i'm no big fan of big jimmy's tire either.

in my mind, it's just two different kinds of crap that happen to coexist on the same block....

oh, and ....

happy new year!

2008 should be pretty fun, if all goes the way that it has been going.

inked: thank you. you rock. good luck with the law thingee.

barracuda: thanks for being you. it's great fun. however, i can only hope that my children won't grow up like you. i want them to have a sense of humour.

soul searcher gets a high five for being real.

hillman gets a double high five for being real, and passionate about his points of view.

jamie gets a gold star for 'chill points'.

rob gets 'woohoo' points for supporting the hood.

there are just so many!

but... it's too hard (and i'm too lazy) to name you all.

thanks for your participation on inked's blog. you folks all rock - in one way or another.

happy new year!!

oh wait, i forgot about the anonymous posters!

may you get a life, some character, and maybe some courage before 2010.

good luck with that,


Anonymous said...

dear poo poo,

"some character"? really?

poo poo said...

si, si! look it up on an online dictionary if you're not sure what it means.

have a great '08!

Sheriff Gonna Get Ya said...

LOL! That's comical. You, of Poo Poo anonymity, are cracking on the courage of people who post anonymously without the benefit of a nifty handle like Poo Poo?? Walk us through that logic, will you.

Mose said...

As I drove by the pre-fab townhomes on 12th yesterday, my wife said they were the ugliest townhomes she had ever seen. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but the contrast between their boxy, uninspired architecture and the surrounding federal and victorian rowhouses does them no favors. I'm very curious to see if they sell anywhere near their asking price.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're not the most aesthetically pleasing homes in the area, but they're better than what was there.

I wonder how the insides are laid out? Regardless, I'm sure someone with more money than taste will buy them. Hopefully those people will help H Street continue in its new direction.

Anonymous said...


according to the developer's "website" the floorplans are plain awful. check it out. capitolhilloasis-dot-com

bill said...

Anon 6:39 --

You weren't kidding ... the floor plans remind me of my old college dorms. I hope whoever buys these townhomes actually lives in them instead of operating a boarding house.


makeba said...

Ok, I hope someone reads this.
As an architect, this is the worst, by far, worst I have ever seen in my life. The exterior sucks beyond belief, the interior layout is horrific and thats no just my opinion. There is no real functionality at all. There is no dining room, no master bedroom suite, no foyer, no windows on the corner (thats premium) units. $1.5m what? who is going to pay this? I agree there are some with money and no taste, but even Ray Charles could see this crap and walk out. There is a full bath on the first the living room. huh? There is an eat-in kitchen, bedroom, & 2 full baths on the 2nd floor...huh? the finishes are 'home depot sales rack' crap. no vision at the least. I talked to the owner on the phone after I sent an email and she had the audacity to say, "the best architects and designers in the country". Who? Paul Wilson should be embarressed to the full. They wanted to save $$ by using modular. I bet this whole project will be a forclosed loser...because nobody will buy this. They should of hired me...I was designer better stuff in junior-high!! holla

Anonymous said...

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