Saturday, April 26, 2008

Homicide @Montello and Morse

I was really hoping not have to post anymore of these announcements. For reference, this is the intersection where Joe Cole Rec is located. The building shown above is on the southeast corner of the intersection [directly across from the rec]. When I walked by the building this morning there were piece of crime scene tape lying on the ground. Apparently the man was found lying on the grounds of the Rec near the phone box. The photo below shows the front exterior of the Rec. From the MPD-5D listserv [an update said that the man died, and that the police do not yet have a motive and have not issued a lookout]-

[MPD-5D] Working shooting‏
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Sent: Sat 4/26/08 2:16 AM

5d on scene of adult male shot multiplé times at montello and morse...he os being taken to hospital in critical condition.....anyone with information please call 1 888 919 crime

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George Townsend said...

MPDC really needs to declare another city-wide crime emergency before the summer kicks in. We have seen shootings in Trini, Linden, and Near Northeast. Crime prevention doesn't equate to showing up after the shell casings are on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the crime spree on the hill has been insane with the recent armed robberies...