Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paris Flights Public Uriniation with Walls

The UK Telegraph discusses recent efforts to discourage this disgusting habit through the use of special walls designed to fire urine back at the offender. You can see a photo of one such wall here.


7th and H said...

Noble idea, though I'm not sure how effective they'd be in practice. The design wouldn't deter one from peeing at the bottom of the wall and certainly wouldn't stop someone from dropping a deuce. In our alley between 7th and 8th (no doubt one of the most notorious alleys for peeing and crapping) we (myself and my neighbor behind us) have had excellent results with a combined steady campaign of 1) daily hosing and 2) non-hostile reminders to the peeing/crapping bandit that people live here. 90% of the time the offender's response is pure embarrassment followed by an apology. Steady pressure works and the goal is make it uncomfortable for folks to treat the alley as a cesspool. If you live along a problematic alley that gets hit on a regular basis, I'd be glad to give you a consult. We have truly turned the corner.

h is for happy said...

It would be sweet if they could also develop sidewalks and tree boxes that can toss a chicken bone right back at the knucklehead that dropped it.

Robby said...

Chicken bones? Hmm, I guess it's understood what type of people that's code for.

So much for change we can believe in.

poo poo said...

chicken bones?

outside of the newer restaurants in and around the atlas district, that's what's available on h street.

sorry. your attempt at making this a racial issue is, sadly, LAME.

chicken bones it is.

oh, and also fish bones, fast food wrappers, empty soda cans, empty beer bottles, plastic sacks... you name it.

get with the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Robby said, "Chicken bones? Hmm, I guess it's understood what type of people that's code for."

WTF, Robby, that was pathetic! Who's being the stereotypical race baiter now? How sad. Now go back and eat your chicken leg. You want some watermelon to go with that?

You opened that can of worms and then stepped right in it. Yes Robby, you're right about one thing, "So much for change we can believe in."

h is for happy said...

Racial code? Hahahaha, "you people" (more "racial code") are amazing. I'm just talking about the crap i see on the street all the time, and that dogs wind up choking on. But OK, i guess i should add malt liquor 40s too, since i see a lot of those. Oh wait, can't say that either. More "racial code" right? OK, let me add something I never see like, uhhh, oh yeah, copies of the WSJ. Just to balance things. Unbelievable! Keep searching for flames to fan, folks. You've got problems....