Friday, August 22, 2008

Police Raid Wrong House?

Fox 5 reports on a Trinidad woman's claim that police raided her house by mistake, breaking a window and door to obtain entry, then throwing a smoke bomb, pointing their guns at her, and forcing her to lie on the ground naked while they ransacked her home. Police said two other homes in the area were raided on the same day in connection with the same case. Police maintained that they had the correct address for the raid.
NBC 4 also has the story.

I'm aware of another incident that occurred in Trinidad a couple of weeks ago where a woman in her late 60s answered a knock on her door only to find a group of officers pointing guns at her. They had a signed search warrant which had been obtained based on information provided by an informant. They looked around, but did not ransack the place.


Tom Aloisi said...

Wow how horrible! In better housing news, the drug dealing crack house on the 1500 block of Gales was condemned and everyone is now gone!

Apparently, they had decided that since their water and electric was turned off, they could just get these things by rerouting them around the meters. Apparently an inspector noticed this, finally. The orange sign says "unsafe living conditions," but I'm not sure if unsafe means illegal hookups, or if there are other issues inside. I do know there were about a dozen(?) adults and several children living inside.

The rumor is that most of them have moved into a new house on Kramer Street though.

Heres a question: Does living in a house that gets condemned mean that social services kicks in for these kids? God knows they need it.

Rob said...

This sounds like the Trinidad version of the police raiding that Mayor's house and shooting his two dogs and then questioning him for hours next to their bleeding bodies....maybe technically the police are justified, but it's horrible for community relations.
It sucks because recently I think the police could point to some successes in Trinidad.

Anonymous said...

tom, I noticed the development with the Gales St. house too. Hallelujah! I live a block down and walked by their daily. that house had more customers coming up to it than the Checkers. It was quite astonishing that such blatant drug activity could go on for so long. Though I'm a little disappointed to hear that the only reason their business was shut down was because of a random utility inspection, rather than police action. We have been complaining about that house to MPD for the past 3 years. And yes the ``family'' is now a couple blocks away on Kramer, abutting my alley. sigh

Rob said...

When I moved into Trinidad, the guy who did the inspection of my house was a former inspector for the city. He said that back in his day inspections were used as a way to get into trouble some sense they had more powers to enter a home than the police did.
We should ask the police at the next PSA meeting if this is still a viable strategy.

poo poo said...

yeah, cuz paid informants are soooo full of accurate information.


dcmpd reacts. that's what they do.

kinda like a kid with ADD.

but i'm sure they love the rush.


one day you'll strike it 'lucky'.

(just kidding, some of the force is on top of their game.... SOME)

Anonymous said...

Raids like this are going to get really fun when the MPD gets those M-16's! I know I can't wait! WooHoo!