Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update on Two H Street Spots

I noticed a dumpster outside of the Ohio, which will become Radius Pizza at the Ohio, so it looks like they might be starting work. This is located at the intersection of 14th and H.
Phish Tea -Dusk

I caught a sneak peek inside the H Street Country Club, which will occupy the space previously held by Phish Tea in the 1300 block of H. They are hoping for a November opening. The space is huge, and coming along nicely. I saw some sketches of wall decorations. This one will definitely be different, and I suspect it will do well as a result.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what they are building next to the cemetery on Bladensburg Road?

Jimmy said...

Yeah I'm curious about that one as well...also while we're looking for updates on H Street stuff:

1) Any updates on timing as to "Taylor" the italian deli on 11th? Looks like they'd done some work but I thought initial reports were that it would be open by September?

2) Miss Whisky's Golden Dollar---NO news about this one for months. Not even a location?

3) Englert's (I believe) bocce/pizza/roots rock hall. I think the plan is no longer pizza with Radius coming, but will there still be a bocce court!!!??

4) Duckpin bowling?

5) Redevelopment of the "library" on the corner of H and 13th?

Lots of these seem to have fallen through the cracks or otherwise stalled and I was just curious if anyone could provide any info?

Mas said...

I have seen a crew, multiple times mind you, dressed in all blue picking up trash on the west end of H. They are definitely different from the NOMA crew. Has H St. started a BID clean-up team? Anyone know about this?

Chris Metzler said...

Anyone with news about Langston Bar & Grill? How are they doing?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the building next to the cemetery on bladensburg rd will be a self storage unit.

Tom Aloisi said...


Last I heard the city is going to put out an RFP to developers to tear down the old library and build a multi-use building, with a new library included. This is from he ANC6a website:

"Find a Mixed Use Development Partner to Build a Bigger and Better R. L. Christian Library in a Mixed Use Building...

DMPED plans to competitively offer the R. L. Christian Library site for mixed use development in early FY 2008. The new building will contain a larger library facility on the ground floor and housing and/or office uses above. $510,000 has been set aside to temporarily relocate the library to another facility on the 1300 block of H Street NE northside until the construction period is completed."

But maybe you knew that already. As of today, however, there is nothing about it on the DMPED website, so it doesn't appear an RFP has been issued yet.

Chris M- Langston Bar and Grill is 'teh yum' (as the kids say) but haven't been in a month or more.

inked said...

Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar is going in at 1104 H Street.

I did manage to check out Langston Bar and Grille, but not when the kitchen was open. Drinks were a tad on the pricey side, but tasty. We checkout out the upstairs eating area, and I was surprised. The space was much more intimate that I had expected. I hope to check it out for food soon.

Duckpin bowling is still in the works, but quite a while off.

Regarding Taylor, I'm not sure. But I say give it more time. They are definitely going to open before too long.

JJ said...


Did you get a look at the H St. CC golf course??? Are we talking 18 holes (my fondest desire) or 9 holes (eh, not so much)??? Any outdoor holes? Any water traps/windmills?

I think Joe should host his own minigolf tournament once every year at the course -- kinda like the Masters for H St. (charity event anyone?)

Whoever wins gets a tall boy of Steel Reserve and a fish sandwich from H&D's (rather than a jacket)...

7th and H said...


re: recent H Street cleanup crew

They are part of a BID headed up by H Street Main Street. They've been cleaning our block of 7th (between H and I) for the past week as well. By all means, take the time to get to know them. They are really nice folks who are largely trying to turn their lives around. It's nice to no longer be one of the rogue street cleaners out there with my rake and trash bag.

Rob said...

JJ-great idea on the "Masters". BTW every time I go to play real golf @ Langston I look for Langston Bar & Grille and don't see it. But a friend went and she gave it a favorable review.
I wonder if the shuttle will start running again if a few more establishments open up. The transportation issue came up again on that latest GOG post.

Tom Aloisi said...

Rob- Langston Bar and Grille is at 18th and Benning Road. It's not on, or even very close to, the golf course. It's hard to find with all the construction- I've even walked right by it before!

Anonymous said...

You should definitely check Langston, especially for the food. I had the salmon cakes with cabbage and sweet potatoes. Yummy. The drinks prices seems about normal. I expected to see a bunch of tables upstairs. What I say is hard describe since I have never see that type of layout. There is small room that seems perfect for a party 4-6. Then are about 4-5 small tables to place your drink. I would have probably done something different with the upstairs to accommodate more dining. The staff was also friendly.

will said...

Duckpin bowling? Wow! Haven't heard of that. I can't wait to try out the country club. This type of stuff makes me proud to live just off H. Anyone know what's going on with Studio 400? Are they throwing in the towel?

tarisdaddy said...

Kudos to the guys in blue cleaning up H street. The place definitely looks better. The bus stop at 8th and H almost needs a crew by itself. It'd be nice if DPW followed the BIDs example and put some people out in the neighborhood with brooms, rakes, shovels and bags.

I did notice several new mechanical street sweepers at there West Virginia Ave depot, with those ridiculous built- in cameras. They look expensive.

I'd say the building next to the cemetery is defiantly going to be self storage. Maybe the purple monster on H is going to relocate. Love that building.

Katie said...

Does anyone know when the Checkers plans to fix its windows? It makes the neighborhood look awful to have the windows boarded up. The owners should move to get it looking right again as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I keep hoping that the Checkers is not fixing the windows because they are going to close. It has a nice gritty ghetto look to it, I think that they should feature it in all of their ads. Too bad that DC does not have or enforce building codes that require doors and windows to operate a restaraunt.

Anonymous said...

The Checkers is stuck in a bad location amongst houses. Do not support them and desires will become a reality.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Don't patronize a business that doesn't add to the neighborhood.

That goes for liquor stores, grocery stores, fast food, etc. I see my neighbors complain about these places then spend their money at them. It doesn't make sense.

Golf said...

I've been to Langston once. The seating is a bit awkward and the kitchen seemed to be having a tough time when I went. HOWEVER...the food was tasty. One thing that was a turn off was "no refills" on the drinks. I mean really! That is such a cheap complimentary item just good customer service. It is hard to miss but the sign you are close is the parking lot on the right hand side of Benning Rd. Not sure why someone said it's not close to the golf course. It's not more than 3 block away. DEFINATELY walking distance and I think that neighbor hood is referred to as Langston or Carver. not sure....

poo poo said...

i'll miss phish tea.

i went there right after they opened. for lunch.

actually, just coffee.

it took them about 15 minutes to serve two cups, and the coffee was horrible.

great folks, but i think they wanted to bite off more than they could chew.

hopefully, the new joint won't dissapoint.

(hey, look! i'm a poet!)