Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Soccer Relocates


Tonight we'll be playing at Kingman Field (13th and D NE, entrance on D Street). I checked out the field the other day and found it to be in fairly decent shape. There are a few rough spots and the grass is in need of a trim in some places, but it looks to be a lot more forgiving than Sherwood. There are some old nets in the corner of the field, but I believe they are for another sport (field hockey perhaps). At any rate, the plan is to change our weekly Wednesday night pick up game to this location until we can get DPR to improve the turf conditions at Sherwood.

As always, all ages and skill levels are welcome. Tonight at 6:30. Email Omar at
familymahmud[at] with any questions.

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poo poo said...

hey, omar...

do you know aida mahmud? she's a good friend of mine.

she moved to n.y. recently, but had been in dc since the early 90's.