Friday, August 29, 2008

WP: Bloods and Crips Make Inroads in DC

More on the gang thing from the Post. Police have identified as Blood related activities in Trinidad-
1. selling drugs near the Trinidad Rec
2. flashing gang signs
3. displaying red

The Bloods have not been linked to any homicides in Trinidad. As previously noted, part of this problem appears to be bleeding over from Maryland. The Bloods arrived in Baltimore several years back, and they are now elsewhere in MD. Check out this quote from the article-

"Authorities said that about 25 percent of the 1,300 inmates in the Prince George's jail are affiliated with gangs and that more than 60 percent of the gang members are Bloods. "


Elsewhere in the article-

"More than a year ago, the Alliance for Concerned Men, which contracts with the District to help reduce violence, began confiscating red and blue bandannas from youth calling themselves Crips or Bloods, mostly in the Shaw area of Northwest, alliance members said. "

The article also quoted a source who said the Bloods and Crips have expanded beyond the traditional crimes of dealing in guns and drug to things like "identify theft, Social Security fraud, credit card fraud and mortgage fraud."

It sounds like a lot of what you see when these gangs move in is neighborhood gangs affiliating with them . For example, a neighborhood crew might choose to associate with the Bloods to get more respect and prestige.


Anonymous said...

Time to buy stock in a casket company.


Anonymous said...

does this have something to do with all the grafiti that appears on H street (11-14 street) a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

I find this a bit disturbing because up until now I have rationalized away the multiple murders blocks from my house as being domestic or between people who knew each other. Gangs, on the other hand, seem to increase the chances of random violence.
I just don't know how much weight to give these kids...are they just play-acting at being gang members or is it more organized...

Anonymous said...

With all the federal agencies in DC, I don't think Bloods & Crips will survive in this city. case in point: MS-13, they got eliminated by the FED quickly.

Anonymous said...

believe me we the BLOODS, well the real ones uptown are organized and we will survive. Ms-13 aint gone nowhere they jus got more organized and low key.