Friday, January 02, 2009

CP: Bait Bike on Capitol Hill

The City Paper reports on MPD's bait bike program.


Kenny G said...


tag worked its way into the link.

Here is a temporary fix link to the article

Anonymous said...

amazing! Do you really believe that these guys don't "know" that they are stealing?

Do we have to return to cutting off hands to define "not yours" ???

not on parker said...

What's hilarious is that the police told us as at a PSA 102 meeting that their "bike bait" program will inflate bicycle theft numbers...because theft of the "bait bike" is reported just the same as theft of a non-bait bike.

Anonymous said...

What about car break-ins? Wasn't there something like that going on awhile back that caught some of the punks breaking into cars in our neighborhood?

My neighbors on 7th ST NE recently had two kids break in and try to steal their Jeep Cherokee...I'd hate to see this kind of crap going on again, although perhaps certain types of vehicles are more likely to get stolen.

Anonymous said...

The cops didn't catch me, I may get your car tomorrow. Just be happy that I'll get your car without knocking you in your head to get it.

Anonymous said...

ah hell,
they got me, but I got free meals and a gym membership for a couple of years.