Friday, January 23, 2009

The Hoya: Sidamo

Georgetown's student paper has a nice review of Sidamo Coffee and Tea. But let me add to a couple of minor points. if you take the back way out of union station it really shouldn't take you more than five minutes to get to Sidamo, it is only a 10-15 minute walk if you ignore that trick. The author writes that Sidamo is-

Sandwiched between a boarded-up establishment and a liquor store

That boarded up establishment would be Pap and Petey's [currently closed for renovations], and the building on the other side of Sidamo used to be a liquor store, but it shut down quite a while ago and the owner is still trying to figure out what to do with the place. Otherwise it was a good piece.


Tom A. said...

what's the "back way out?"

Do you mean through the parking lot? or is there a better way?

Katy said...

Tom- If you leave Union Station though the parking structure on the north side of the building, it puts you in the middle of the Hopscotch Bridge.

Rob said...

Ok I'm going to break my promise and mention it one more time: Check out Sidamo on Facebook. Just search Sidamo Coffee and Tea & join!

Charles said...

most people do not know about the back exit. i take the train from union station every day and i wasn't aware of it.

i wonder if it would be possible to get some signage directing people that way to the H Street Corridor ??

duh, great idea! said...

excellent idea, charles!

really... someone should follow up on this.

hats off to however gets this done.

inked said...

The one issue is that it doessn't send you through the parking lot. I've been using that exit for years, but I can see how that path might freak out the unfamiliar [particularly if they tried it at night].

west ender said...

I agree with Charles and had mentioned the idea of signage to Tommy Wells's office awhile back. They were receptive to it but hearing from other constituents might get it moving.

I also suggested that they work with Metro to change the name of Union Station to Union Station/H Street to bring more awareness of our proximity to others. That's a tougher battle but it seems to have done wonders for that "Adams Morgan" stop.