Sunday, January 11, 2009

Work Pap and Petey's

Photos by Rob Parker


Campy said...

Awesome, glad to see that they seem to be getting after it.

Love to hear more info on what they plan to change.

Anonymous said...

Is 401 H Street still in the works? Or have they merged with Pap and Petey's?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering that too. I saw this moring that 401 H St. has some licenses posted in the window.

P & P Managment said...

Hey Folks, for those of you who did not read my earlier post, We are not (NOT!!!!!!) affiliated with H Street Lounge or Studio 400.

P&P Management

Anonymous said...

I think Pap and Petey's has merged with Liquid. I am not sure what is at 401 H Street. Does anyone know?