Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skeeball @the Country Club

I received the following note from H Street Country Club. Skeeball fans rejoice!

We'll be starting a skeeball league. The DC Amateur Skeeball League will host games at H Street Country Club starting this Sunday at 6pm. We'll have 1-on-1 tournaments every Sunday. Players who sign up will compete for prices and get discounts on drinks. Should be lots of fun and a great opportunity for neighbors to meet.

Also, we will sponsor a full skeeball season this winter. We are now signing up teams of 5 to compete during a 6-week season. The season will culminate with a one-day playoff and championship tournament. If anyone is interested in playing during the season (or just Sundays), they can contact me at to sign up.


Robert Albrecht said...

Skeeball is sweeping the Nations Capitol! DC Skee launched registration for their winter season several weeks ago and games begin Oct 6th! They are providing prize giveaways, trophies and an end of season party. Check our their site at

Anonymous said...

so how many skeeball lanes exist in dc? two?

that sounds like a whole lot of waiting around.