Monday, February 22, 2010

Capital City Diner Opens Tomorrow @6am

Stop by the diner at 1050 Bladensburg Road tomorrow and check it out. I'll write more later (work is busy, and a nasty laptop issue requires a trip to the Apple store tonight). Enjoy these photos for now:IMG_6290
Asst. Chief Groomes stops by to check out the diner.
Breakfast is served all day.
Chicken Fried Steak and the Bacon Cheese Burger.
Not exactly health food, but it is very tasty.


Anonymous said...

inked the woman in the first two pictures is Asst. Chief Diane Grooms NOT Cheif Lanier.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Chief

ali said...

Couldn't wait for Tuesday. Stopped in on Sunday for brunch. I had the Greek omelet and hashbrowns and my boy had pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The staff was a little frazzled, but very sweet, and clearly working hard to make it all come together successfully. I think they've got a great thing on their hands. They'll figure out all the kinks in time. I can't wait to be a regular!

IMGoph said...

stopped in on saturday and had the pecan pancakes. just 3 pancakes, but they're like 12 inches in diameter and 3/4 of an inch thick (ok, i exaggerate a little).

damn excited to have them here!

Anonymous said...

so- what was the deal with the soft openining/ semi opened this past weekend. Did you have to have an invitation to get in, or was it open to anyone?

IMGoph said...

anon: they were open to anyone who walked by. word-of-mouth spread to some people, but they just weren't advertising it, so they could get a practice weekend in. now they're advertising the real deal starting tomorrow.

Need a diner near Potomac Ave Metro said...

best of luck to you guys, that definitely looks like Asst. Chief Groomes not Chief Lanier, and wow that looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

thanks imgoph.

I figured that was the case from the urbandaddy leak and the quick inked denial of the Sat open. makes me like urban daddy a lot more and be skeptical of this blog.

Michael Hundley said...

Hello All,

I was working an open house for a new property named "The Renee" on Sunday. I noticed a steady stream of people in and out of the diner all afternoon. I wanted to head over myself, but didn't have time. After seeing the pics of the food, I will have to show up early next week to grab a bite. It all looked delicious. I wish the owners the best and hopefully it will bring some other forward thinking small business owners into the area. I am using it as a selling point to potential clients coming by the property.

Matt Ashburn said...

Quick note about the soft opening: the goal of a soft opening is to have a small, manageable number of patrons to provide feedback and work out the inevitable kinks of the first few days/week(s) of a business.

We invited people by word of mouth and turned on the open sign so the neighbors and passersby could drop in, but didn't promote it publicly because we wanted to ensure our staff could be trained properly to put our best foot forward.

Unfortunately, the Urban Daddy representative picked a random date for the opening date listed on their piece without asking. In addition, he snuck out the one paper copy of the menu we had on site even after we told him we needed it to show to the health inspector later that morning. Fortunately, a legit reporter was present and vouched for us when it came time for inspection. However, the Urban Daddy post did cause some online confusion, as noted above.

We really appreciate all the people who dropped in, and we apologize for any delays due to the unexpected volume.

We open tomorrow at 6am for breakfast, and serve breakfast/lunch/dinner from 11am -10pm.

Capital City Diner

P.S.: the photo above is of Assistant Chief Groomes, not Chief Lanier

Anonymous said...

Will panhandlers be welcome in this establishment?

Y.T. Chouhed

Anonymous said...

You had me at "pecan pancakes!!!" Man if these are better than the ones at Cracker Barrel, I'll be soooooooooooo happy!

inked said...

they were open to anyone who walked in the door, but everyone who was told about the opening was told very clearly NOT to spread the word to the public. If you want to be a fan of a guy who pretends to go along with that and then turns around and does the opposite that's your thing. But it doesn't make much sense to me.

inked said...

Thanks 3:54,
I shouldn't blog distracted!

Robby said...

Hmm Breakfast tomorrow!

litigatrix said...

I see a Pepsi machine, but then there is a guy holding a bottle of Coke. Please tell me they are serving Coke and not just Pepsi.

inked said...

Mexican Coke (with sugar) in bottles.

curmudgeon said...

Cokes in glass bottles with cane sugar?

Oh *man*.

Margaret said...

I stopped by Friday evening an hour after they opened the doors for the soft opening. The place was filled with locals. Not the media/blogger crowd that usually gets invited to this stuff.
Matt told me that as soon as they turned on the neon OPEN sign, folks started coming in off the street - regular Trinidad folks - plus people who knew from local listserves about the soft opening for the neighborhood.
The diner felt like it had been there forever. It seemed to be a neighborhood fixture by the next day when we went for breakfast at 2 PM. Love it! They serve B'fast ALL DAY!!!!

Of course, there were minor service glitches on the first few days. They made no difference. The staff was wonderful. Gloria refused to serve me grits because they weren't "ready yet - they're still too gritty." Then she checked, approved them, and I had my great grits with perfect over-easy eggs. And biscuits to die for. Can't wait to try the sausage gravy.

This is a wonderful addition to our community. God! I love to have someone fix my breakfast - at any hour of the day!

Liz said...

Went for breakfast this morning, and I have to agree with Margaret - it felt like the place has been there all along. Friendly service, good solid breakfast (including AWESOME hash browns) and reasonable prices mean I will be returning often.

keren said...

I stopped in this morning on my way to work. The food and the service were great. The servers were so friendly. I got the pancakes and coffee---delicious. I think this will be my regular morning breakfast spot. (also, their was a lot of places to lock up my bike).

Anonymous said...

Waffle fries!

12/f said...

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. Went by this morning. Fast service, delicious food, great price. Perfect.

Tried the biscuits & gravy (made from scratch each morning). Will try the waffle tomorrow- they smelled delicious too.

Anonymous said...

This is just far enough from my house that I can't walk it. Are there places to park?

ali said...

Anon 11:52 - Bladensburg Rd. always has open parking. Although it might get a little more crowded around there with the diner now in business!

Anonymous said...

Hey Inked, I think you have the address listed incorrectly. You have it as 1015 Bladensburg Rd., the address is 1050 Bladensburg Rd.

inked said...

crap. I dashed this post off and was putting in the photos hurridly and while talking to someone else. I needed to do more proofing.

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that no one has asked ali if that's her and her bangin' body in the pics hahahaha

Liz said...


You CANNOT park on Bladensburg during rush hour, just FYI. They don't ticket, they just tow - and quickly.

ali said...

Anon 12:54 - Ha! Yes, that's actually me in the first picture. When I'm not bartending or teaching 8th graders, I'm actually a police chief. I'm pretty ballertastic like that.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you've got some great tattoos under that uniform, too :-)
-Anon 12:54

Russell Williams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Russell Williams said...

I am concerned that this is a poor location for a new business. There were 20 something murders in the first half of last year in Trinidad. This is very close to an area I consider off limits on foot, but especially driving, considering the number of car jacking in the past 4 months.

You never know I guess. Maybe this will help pacify the area, but I would be concerned about the location for sure.

dr dru said...

Actually there were zero murders in Trinidad last year. But there were 8 in the Carver Langston area which is right across Bladensburg from the diner.

There were 10 murders in Trinidad in 2008

I got all this info from this website which I am fairly certain is accurat
burgersub dot org

inked said...

actually there was not a single murder in Trinidad in all of 2009. I think it's been something like 14 or 16 months since there was a murder in Trinidad. If you want to check this you can Google No Murders in Trinidad.

You are referring to the summer of 2008, a freak period during which Trinidad experienced more murders in 5 months that it had it the three years prior.

And you might want to check the map on the carjacking thing. Most of those are happening south of H Street.

IMGoph said...

russell: i'm just curious—where do you live and what do makes you consider a place "off limits"? because, if you're concerned about murders and carjackings, do you stay away from columbia heights? the numbers are stark—it's much more dangerous there than trinidad.

dru down said...

I am going to give this place several more chances... But I went there last night and found the food average and kinda bland. The environment and the people were cool, and I am glad to have this in my n'hood.

The prices are not bad, but about 10 - 15% more than I think diner food should be. That's perfectly fine if the food makes up for it.

I hope this was just an exception and like I said I will give them several more chances to prove that.

Anonymous said...

Dru do us a favor and keep on truckin....

12/f said...

dru must be on something or went to the wrong diner.

Had the best burger I've had in a long long time at the diner last night and the price (under 6 bucks) included a side of fries. If anything, they need to up the prices.

Liz said...

Re: Price.

A burger at the Argonaut is $9.00. A burger at Cap City is $5.25 - and you think this isn't cheap enough? Really?

(This is not to dis the Argonaut - love it over there too - I'm just sayin')

monkeyrotica said...

10-15% less and you're in McDonalds territory. And good luck spending less than $10 on a burger with fries at Five Guys.

I also look forward to the "Trinidad Nachos." Waffle fries with chili and cheese, please.

charles said...


"Average" food - at fair prices - is what diners usually serve. They don't aspire to be fancy. They offer convenience in the form of extended hours and a wide range of choices, ie breakfast any time.

Cap City is on the small side even for a diner, so there is virtually no room for food prep. This means they have to rely on a fair amount of prepared ingredients. Anybody who knows anything about cooking will understand this.

I had dinner there last night with my daughter. It was fun, the place is beautiful, and I have a feeling I'll return many times in the future.

Anonymous said...

What a HORRIBLE experience.
Sat there for almost two hours and didn't get our food. After asking numerous times where our food was, we finally gave up, paid for our coffee and left.
Word part was that when we asked how our food was coming a long (an hour after waiting there), they said soon. We were very polite. My friend said, "we're just hungry." to which one of the waiters replied "yeah, me too." then made himself a waffle in from of us and then ate right in front of us.
This place had 8 servers and one cook. I'm pretty sure one of these managers could have made a freakin' omelet.
We were so excited for this place but it was a HUGE disappointment. Only after we said we were leaving did we get any attention.
Only one of us got our food (there were four of us). The food was cold and not very good.
Honestly, if you like this place it's because you like the idea of this place - the novelty. The food is no better than Denny's. Go to Denny's and get your food in a fourth the time.

I so badly want to find a good, real dinner in DC. This place is not it: over-staffed, under-served.