Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Orchestrated Misbehavior @Evolve Urban Arts

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The exhibit's curator writes:

Our opening reception for Orchestrated Misbehavior with photographer Erica Riccardelli is scheduled for next Saturday, Feb. 13th, from 4-7pm. The exhibition actually opens on the 6th, but we have scheduled the reception to coincide with Valentine's Day weekend. After all, what's more fun than taking your Valentine's date to an art opening featuring sex, death and forest mayhem?

Tempting indeed. I'm going to let the flyer speak for itself on this one. Click on the image for a larger version.
Erica Riccardelli - reception reminder press release
Join the mailing list. 1375 Maryland Ave.


DCJaded said...

Just saw this on the Post's Going out Guru page

Are you praying for snow? Join the club. If you're able to venture out to H Street NE this weekend despite the coming Snowpocalypse, five bars are banding together to offer a wintry happy hour on Friday and Saturday nights. For every six inches of snow dumped on D.C., you can take a dollar off any drink at Little Miss Whiskey's, Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club, the Palace of Wonders, the Pug or Sticky Rice. This means that if the Capitol Weather Gang is right and we get 20 inches of snow, you can subtract $3 from each beer on your tab.

There's only one catch: No drink will be discounted to less than $2, even if, like the Stroh's cans at Little Miss Whiskey's, the regular price is only $3.

3 p.m. Update: The Red and the Black will also be offering the deal.

-- Fritz Hahn

Stanley Workman said...

Check out the Cleveland artist being hailed as the daVinci of this, the digital age, Marc Breed. Creator of the psychedelic peace symbol, male exotic dance pioneer, filmmaker to two of the highest grossing adult films of all-time, civil and first amendment rights advocate, and if that weren't enough, he readily admits to having escaped from one of America's most secure prisons (his golem remains in the prisons archive).And to boot, he has a testedI.Q. Of 152