Thursday, April 15, 2010

H Street Main Street Board Meetings

Did you know H Street Main Street holds regular public meetings? Well it does, and here's a bit of info (announcement):

HSMS is a publicly-funded organization whose mission is to promote the development of H Street. Their Board meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of each month and are held at the offices of HSMS at 961 H St, NE, in the former branch bank building of Bank of America,
The public is welcome to attend. Since there has been little community participation in recent years, there are no established protocols for comments. Attendees are free to interject questions where appropriate.
The Board discusses ongoing issues that affect H Street. Of particular concern is city funding of HSMS initiatives and the allocation of resources.
Depending on the volume of public input, the meetings are not likely to last over an hour.
All are welcome and community participation is encouraged. It is YOUR street.

Margaret Hollwill
twitter @HstreetDC


Anonymous said...

Are there any financial reports from this group? Audits? Don't they have to report annually to the DC gov?

Then there is the H Street CDC. Anyone seen their reports?

Rayful Edmond said...

A CDC's books aren't public record. They're a non-profit 501(c)3.

Anonymous said...

Don't they have to file a tax report to keep their non profit status???

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are not technically required to broadcast their annual reports and 990s, but reputable 501(c)3s are anxious to do. Almost 2 million of them list with Guidestar and anyone can do a free quick search there before they consider contributing to a charity. You can register for free. Great resource.
Grantmakers rely on Guidestart in evaluating the stability of non-profits and whether their money actually goes for the purposes intended.
Barracks Row Main Street posts their annual reports on their website They also list their Board of Directors

Under the law, anyone can request access to the 990s for non-profits. You can't copy them or remove them from the offices, but you can view them. There are further rules for quasi-government groups such as those under the Main Streets program.