Sunday, June 20, 2010

Argo Fire, From the Horse's Mouth

The Argonaut reports on the fire at the Argonaut. Here's a quick wishlist from them:

You've all been so kind in your offers to help. There isn't much to do yet (we have to wait until the insurance person comes to start on the inside), but here are some things that people can do:
  • We're in need of 9 globes to replace our famous globe lights. Anybody have any old globes lying around?
  • We're trying to open on online store soon. Will keep you posted on that, but we're hoping that t-shirt and glassware sales can help us rebuild.
  • A lot of us are out of a job right now. If you know of people who are hiring front or back of house staff, please let us know.
  • Once we're up and running (in whatever capacity that may be) we'll be having a few fundraisers. Please come help us out by drinking. A lot. :)
  • We have people working on boarding up the windows today. If, especially at nighttime, you notice anybody trying to get in, PLEASE call the police. 
You heard it here. Buy lots of Argo crap, and get ready to do a bit of drinking for this H Street establishment.


Anonymous said...

Their last bullet point is a sad reminder that the neighborhood still has a very, very long way to go. But here's to the Argonaut getting back up and running ASAP.

Anonymous said...

You guys are already missed a great deal . . . god speed in your repairs. Here's to an even better and improved Argo . . . hope to see you back very soon!

Liz said...

I would happily buy pint glasses and a tshirt! Get that store up, we'll help as much as we can!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Joe/Arg gang for the fire.. Joe has had some bad fires in the last two years.. Capital Lounge and Argonaut.

Should have a Neighbors Argonaut night.. thats your strongest support group.