Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Evolve Moves Corporate Headquarters to H

You are probably already familiar with Evolve Property Management, which as been on Capitol Hill since 1997. They're the guys behind the Pierce School. Now they're moving to H Street, specifically, to 1344 H Street. Oh, and they bought two properties (which are actually one space on the inside) next door. All three properties have historically sensitive renovations in their future. Evolve would like to lease the space next door to a restaurant. See, the space is about 40 feet wide, and that makes it MUCH more attractive to an established local business (something like Two Amy's if I'm just pulling examples out of the air) looking for a second location than the typically narrower (think the Pug) spaces that predominate on H Street. Read more about this development in my H Street Life column in the upcoming issue of the Hill Rag.


H Street Great Street said...

Nice -- It will be great to see those spots put back into productive use soon. I saw they put some signs up on the buildings earlier this week, but there is also a new listing saying the buildings are for sale for $2,000,000. Did they explain what is going on there?

inked said...

Hmm, no. My post is based on an interview with an Evolve rep. last week. He told me they'd been looking for a suitable space on H Street for about 3 years. Maybe they are open to all possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting. Hope they didn't buy it just to try to flip it for a profit. At least they completely rennovated the abandoned school they purchased from the residents of DC in the late 90's. I think that was one of the last time people were allowed to buy city-owned properties for far below their market value, because the city was so desperate for cash. Fixing up the buildings on H would help give back to the community that has been so helpful in their wealth-building efforts over the past decade!

Anonymous said...


Bit confused--are you talking about the old BBQ place and the double-building next to it (the "twin" of Joe E's Vendetta?). If so, which one are they moving into?

inked said...

The old liquor store. They are moving into 1344. 1346-8 are the double building.

Anonymous said...

Then it seems Joe abandoned his plans for the Coal & Ice House spot. Those were the buildings poised to become that spot. A shame, if true.

inked said...

I'm pretty sure Joe's Coal and Ice is going in next to what used to be Sweets and Treats.

Anonymous said...

I think there is still some confusion. The way I see it we have:

1. The old liquor/bbq place - this will be Evolve HQ

2. The building to the right (when facing from H) where they put those toy soldiers - This will be the restaurant space (it's 2 row houses wide).

3. The building next to that on the right, which basically looks the same but has a different color scheme - This will be Joe E's Vendetta.

Then there's Gallery O/H, an alley, and then Joe's Coal and Ice House.

I think that's right. Inked?

inked said...

Sounds right to me.

jump said...

anon 11:41

there is a firehouse just westof that school that was purchased more recently.
and there is the firehouse on north capitol.
and the firehouse on m at new york and new jersey.
and isn't the old school at Georgia and irving being purchased by a private developer?

Anonymous said...

Chris Swanson and Jeff Printz, partners in Evolve, purchased 1344, 1346, and 1348 H Street from Keith Lomax.
They intend to move their office to 1344 and renovate 1346 and 1348 as one large space.
The buildings at 1350 and 1352 will be Joe Englert new Italian restaurant Vendetta.
Gallery OonH is at 1354 and they also own the garden space with the rocket ship at 1356 where they host frequent arts events.
Joe's Coal and Ice House will be located at 1358.

The buildings at 1344-48 had been in the same family for many years until the elderly owner died. The estate sold them to Lomax for $399,000. He listed them, without any alterations, at $1.2 million.
Lomax is a close friend and associate of Adrian Fenty and there have been questions about his receipt of preferential contracts.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 11:41,

Are developers supposed to have a different primary motivator other than earning a profit?

Do you go to work each morning just so you can post on blogs or do you want to earn your wage?

Sorry for the snide comments, all. It drives me up a wall when neighbors of mine take jabs at developers that are cleaning up this city.

Anonymous said...

The Pierce School is beautiful. I wish they'd repair the iron flower art installations out front before they rust into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 11:42. It burns my britches at how poorly managed this city has been for decades. Giving away city-owned building for a song, or for free in many cases, really sticks it to the taxpayers. They give away schools and other city properties that are then turned into condos or luxury apartments, and then they ask us more more money for new schools and municipal buildings. I don't blame the developers at all for "bargain shopping." I blame city leaders for decades of mismanaging city resources! Having said that, I really hope the city gets a fair price for the Franklin School! It's worth millions!

Anonymous said...

That fire station on Maryland Av that's being renovated into deluxe apartments sold for around $350,000. I'm glad that it's going to finally get onto the tax rolls, but it did seem to be really sold cheaply.