Monday, August 09, 2010

Music Video Shooting at Capital City Diner


It's more than just cupcake baking that goes on during the normal staff's day off at the Capital City Diner. Today jazzy pop musician Flo Anito is filming a music video there. Sneak a peak at the action here. Via Twitter.


DCJaded said...

I recommend using the term "filmimg" as opposed to "shooting" when talking about businesses in DC. Cause when I first looked at it, I thought, wait, a shooting at the capital city diner?

aliza said...

Filming is most likely not the correct term: very few music videos are shot on film (and very few really ever have b/c it's prohibitively expensive). Even taping would most likely be incorrect, as most videos are shot digitally now. Unfortunately, shooting really is the best term to describe what's going on.

/film and television major's rant

Anonymous said...


Matt Ashburn said...

Here are the photos snapped yesterday during the production of Flo Anito's video:

megannyc said...

i don't care what it's long as it's Flo!! she's smart, cute, funny and endlessly talented. way to go, flo!