Thursday, September 23, 2010

Candidate Statement: Jennifer Zatkowski ANC 6C05

Earlier I offered to post candidate statements from local (Trinidad, Rosedale, Near Northeast, the northern portion of Capitol Hill, Carver-Langston, Ivy City, ect.) ANC candidates, and local candidates for the Board of Education. This statement is posted pursuant to that. It does not constitute an endorsement, unless otherwise specified. Here you go:

My name is Jennifer Zatkowski and I am running for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for ANC 6C05. I have lived on the Hill for 13 years and purchased my home on 3rd St NE 11 years ago. I also own Pawticulars on 8th St SE - we have been open for 7 years. I have witnessed tremendous progress on the Hill and would like to see that momentum continue. As a home owner, small business owner and mother with 3 kids in DC public schools, I am committed to the Hill. I will work hard for continued progress and development for the residents of our ANC District.

I believe the role of Commissioner is to serve the residents. First and foremost, every resident of our ANC should know who their Commissioner is and how to reach them. When residents have issues and concerns, they should know who to turn to and know that their concerns will be responded to and addressed.

I have been proactive in responding to my neighbors’ concerns and have worked hard with DC Government agencies to resolve those concerns. For example, I worked with DDOT to have a mirror installed in the blind alley between 2nd & 3rd St NE to make the turn and alley safer. I am currently working with DDOT to have the 600 block of 3rd St NE rezoned to deter commuter parking. I am working with DCPS on the reopening of Logan School to minimize negative impact on our neighborhood.

I pledge to work hard on your behalf to improve our ANC. I will work to increase police presence, keep Union Station commuters from using residential parking spaces, clean and maintain our alleyways and work with small business owners to stimulate consumer spending in our neighborhood. Most importantly, I pledge to be responsive to the concerns of every resident in our ANC.

Thank you and please email with questions at Check out my Facebook page at Jennifer Zatkowski for ANC Commissioner 6C05.


Anonymous said...

Here's a map of ANC 6C.

(Don't know about y'all, but I can never remember which single member district is which.)

Anonymous said...

I am concerned you own a business outside of ANC6C05 (Pawticulars) that is a direct competitor of one inside ANC6C05 (Metro Mutts). How are you going to reconcile the conflict of interest?

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for your comment. When Metro Mutts opened, I went in and introduced myself. I congratulated the owners, Kelly and Lee, on their accomplishment and told them that I was available if they needed anything or had any questions. I know how much hard work, sweat and tears it takes to open your own business from scratch and I am happy for them. We frequently refer customers to each other and call each other with questions.
As a resident of this ANC, I was ecstatic to see more retail open on H Street. Metro Mutts is not a conflict of interest to Pawticulars, we happily co-exist to serve the pets on the Hill.
When I was looking to open Pawticulars, there was already a pet store open on H street, Pet Dreams. So we located on Barracks Row where there wasn't a pet store.
Jennifer Zatkowski

Jennifer Zatkowski said...

I attended last night’s community meeting with the owners of Tru Orleans. At the meeting, several people expressed serious concerns regarding where patrons and employees would park. Our residential parking is scarce and precious and I understand these concerns.

Tru Orleans stated they would encourage their employees to bike or take public transportation, would look into valet parking and would be monitoring the parking situation when they open. Tru Orleans offered to include these items in the Community Agreement.

However, there is a solution that could mitigate some parking concerns that could be initiated by the ANC Commissioner. DDOT could be petitioned to conduct a transportation study and re-zone one side of the streets surrounding Tru Orleans. That way, one side of the street would be ONLY for Zone 6 sticker holders. In addition, the hours of parking enforcement may be extended until 10:30pm, including Saturdays. This would preserve at least some parking for residents.

Our ANC shouldn’t rely solely on developers to address our neighborhood concerns. Rather, we need a Commissioner willing to offer solutions from within the ANC. If elected, I pledge to search for those solutions to maintain and improve our quality of life.

I ask for your vote on November 2. Thank You.

Jennifer Zatkowski

Anonymous said...

Will you work with DDOT on enforcing commuter parking around NY Ave Metro Station?

Anonymous said...

Could you describe how you are working w/ DCPS on the reopening of the Logan school, what the reopening means, and what impact you see to the neighborhood?


Jennifer Zatkowski said...

Thanks for your post! I am really excited the Montesorri program is relocating to Logan and I do believe they will be great neighbors. I have spoken with DCPS about two types of issues - one, issues they need to be aware of in our specific neighborhood and two, questions with how they are going to address being a good neighbor.
On the first front, DCPS needed to know that the playground after dark is a very different place than during the day. Most recently, there was a very disturbed man living next to the trailer at the back of the playground. There is often evidence of drug and prostitute activity on the playground and down the staircase where the green fence isn't locked. There is broken glass and a lot of trash. I have spoken with the facilities engineer on a few occasions, Mr. Chance, and we have tried to clean up the trash, lock the gate to the stairs and "evict" those sleeping on the playground and front stairs of Logan. There also needs to be better lighting to discourage these activities.
I want to make sure, though, that DCPS doesn't just erect a large fence, keeping the neighborhood kids out.
With respect to the second front, there will need to be additional dumpsters for trash. The trash generated now is basically office trash. But next fall, there will be a lot of food waste, which may attract rats, roaches, etc. I would like to see the dumpsters located away from residential areas. In addition, most of these kids will be dropped off & picked up by car. I want to make sure there's a comprehensive plan for this, since G street is one way and all of the streets surrounding Logan are narrow - which would make double parking quite a problem.
That's just a broad stroke of the issues I am addressing with DCPS. I want Logan to remain a great play area for our neighborhood children, while welcoming our new students with open arms. I hope that answers some of your questions.
Thanks so much!