Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Telling You, The Internet LOVES H Street

Breakfast of Bloggers! (Day two hundred thirty-four)
Frozen Tropics Flickr pool user Madam Meow documents the Blogger Breakfast at Biergarten Haus

1. The self described "foodie ninja" over at Strawberry Basil checks out Sticky Rice.
2. TBD looks at ANC 6A's challenge to the local 7-11, as does Housing Complex, and blogger Matthew Yglesias.
3. Biergarten Haus wins a fan in the Cat in the Cap.
4. Every Bar in DC hits up the H  Street Country Club.
5. TBD and others are eager to check out the consolidated Red Palace.
6. We also have a read worthy (I'm part way through its 48 pages now) dissertation thingy from a guy named Peter Dunn who wrote it for his Masters program at the London School of Economics. It's called: Situating a New Main Street: The Space and Scope of H Street's Commercial Development.
7. And pretty much everyone is talking about the H Street Festival on Saturday. You're going, right? 12-6pm.


S said...

Sticky Rice gets a positive review? The pictures of the food don't look like a hot (er, cold) mess like the food usually is. Is it possible that Sticky is making an effort to serve good food in a reasonable manner? I'm still on my boycott, so I don't know if they've cleaned up their act. Anyone else been there recently?

ro said...

cool story bro

Anonymous said...

I wish NAPA 1015 would come back. That place had such great food, a fantastic atmosphere and staff.

I wish they held out a little bit longer before closing.

Hopefully you guys are reading this and consider coming back.


Anonymous said...

Peter Dunn's dissertation is a great read.

Rob said...

It will be interesting to see what people (first timers) say about the H St Festival afterwards...
This has been the year that H hit critical mass in my estimation. Since that shot heard round the world of Joe Englert planning to open (what was it?) seven bars/restaurants it's been growing...
So now can the press now turn its attention to Trinidad please and declare it the new "It" neighborhood? I'm still a bit underwater and could use some hype...I mean, help :-)