Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Drink for Good at the Pug


Tony T. and gang have a new plan for their fundraisers, which he explains below. The key facts are:
-10% of this Friday and Saturday's ring goes to Watkins Elementary;
-10% of next Friday's ring goes to the Yellow Ribbon fund;
-the Pug is located at 1234 H Street.

hope everyone's doing well, and having a low key buildup to the holidays. it's been a while since i've sent out a snarky little pug email, but my friends bill and vince in india assure me that my email is now working.

you may or may not realize it, but at the pug we tried to hold a fundraiser at least once a month, and we've been pretty successful so far. the two that we hold closest to our hearts are the lustgarten foundation for pancreatic cancer research and the yellow ribbon fund. increasingly our fundraising efforts have become a little more difficult. apparently there's a recession going on that was caused by whatever president you hate most (i blame that quiet guy coolige). because of this recession, companies are more and more reluctant to donate libations for fundraising. yes, bud light can pay the nfl a billion dollars for advertising but can't figure out how to donate a couple kegs to tony t.
anyway, moving forward, instead of monthly fundraisers, i'm working on a formula where the pug donates a percentage of sales to various causes. We do have bills and investors to pay, but i think we can work it out to donating ten per cent of the friday night ring to different causes. as an experiment, we are going to donate ten per cent of this coming friday and saturday's ring to watkin's elementary school right here in the district. in the interest of full disclosure, my daughter is a pupil there, and if i see you drinking at the pug friday or saturday, it will go down in your permanent record and may
be worth a shot of whisky later. the following friday, the 17th of december, we will be donating ten percent of the ring to the yellow ribbon fund. it's one thing to thank the vets on facebook,
but it's an entirely different deal to come out and drink a lot to honor our vets, and help them out when they come home.

as always, we look forward to seeing every one out, and thank you for your
continued support.
the pug


tonysmallframe said...

The Pug is not a fast food restaurant.

tubbs said...

thanks for stating that, because the ANC sure as hell can't tell. They mistake things for fast food joints like my little brother mistakes G.I. Joe men for rectal thermometers.

inked said...

damn, better work hard to disabuse him of that. Wait, old school, or new? That is the eternal question, isn't it? Or is it whether I use too many comments when I'm tired from working all day and then blogging? Honestly, I'm, kinda, torn,.

tubbs said...

ha ha! So's he! That's his condition, and the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...

ps. Bring your wings and check out chaz's holiday 'ganza at the pug.
Nice job, getting to 60 on the sev post.

tonysmallframe said...

Chaz's holiday ganja? I predict a run on cheeseballs.