Thursday, March 10, 2011

CapitolBop: HR-57 Update

Capitol Bop, a local jazz blog, repeats a rumor that we can expect recently relocated jazz club HR-57 to open its doors March 16th. That's great news for jazz fans all along the Corridor. But that's not all the good news. CB also reports that owner Tony Puesan plans to open a blues bar somewhere on H Street. That fits in well with the rumor I heard a while back about Puesan was shopping spaces, including a double size space (i.e. two buildings) a few blocks further east. Awesome. HR-57, and a blues joint along the same lines, would be a major draw to H Street much in the way that Red Palace and the Rock and Roll Hotel bring in crowds from all over the metropolitan area.

Want more good news? Khan's Mongolian Bar-B-Q (their website is up, but it's just a splash page) and the Queen Vic (warning, link plays music) reportedly aim to open March 21st. Hot damn, it's gonna be a hell of a spring. March 21st aim for date via @HStreetDC.


Anonymous said...

Article itself has an update stating that the March 16th date is hearsay. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

What's the source on the Queen Vic opening on the 21st? Tried to check their website but it's saying their bandwidth had been exceeded. Perhaps that's a sign they're updating the website.

Anonymous said...

March 16th?! That makes my day!

I hope it's true. I need a refreshing change from the typical H street overpromising on opening dates.

Anonymous said...

Taste it, Barracks Row!

inked said...

the source was escaping me for a sec. Then I remembered it as @HStreetDC. I fixed the post to give credit.

Anonymous said...

Can we add Toki Underground to the list? Any chance they are getting up and running this month?

@HStreetDC said...

I gave Inked the opening dates for Queen Vic and Khan's. Where did I get them? Directly from the owners. Not hearsay.
That's not to say that there might not be a stumble as has happened so often with final inspections and other bureaucratic rabba dabba. After final inspections, owners still have to go down and get their final paperwork through and order their supplies and perishables.
But these dates look pretty solid.

That's why I thought I was on firm enough ground to tweet the dates. Don't deal in rumors. God knows there are enough of those on the corridor. Often people tweet and retweet stuff that isn't factual and this can hurt our local businesses.
I'm actually on H Street, mostly every day, sometimes more than once.

These owners want to be open - more than you want the new places. It costs them actual cash every day that they can't open in rent, bank loan interest, staff salaries, taxes, etc.
Let's hope for the best and with luck, they'll hit these target dates.


Dave B said...

Speaking of blues, has anybody seen the guy who plays the out of tune guitar on H St but makes it sound good. I think his name is Mitch. Did he just pack it in for winter? Move on to bigger and better things? We need more street music out there. If you know any bucket drummers, tell them to come out

Anonymous said...


My heresay comments was in reference to the source of the HR-57 date, which after all, was the headline of this post. Didn't mean to make you defensive.


Anonymous said...

I wish you had a like button :-)!!!!

@HStreetDC said...

At 1:17 -
No offense. Meant that to show that Inked and I both try to work with accurate info and not hearsay. It's legit to ask where we get this stuff. We both work hard to get it right, rather than just using other people's stories which could be wrong.
It's reasonable to question the Capital Bop article which had a lot of speculative words in the original version that they have since revised.
Another reason why I try to get the straight dope directly from owners and not second-hand.
I'm really looking forward to HR-57 and to the other venue that Tony plans to open. We should be getting a third place out on Benning Road which will begin to make the H St/Benning Rd area a real jazz and blues destination.


Anonymous said...

jeezum lord mercy, H street is blowing up.

Campy said...

TruOrleans mentioned on twitter a couple weeks ago that they're aiming for the 2nd week in April at 4th and H. Tony Richardson (ANC6c05) put out an update a couple days ago saying that they were still working on a VA but that the owners had been amenable through the process.

Personally I'm definitely looking forward to this place, here's a cool rendering of their buildout that's currently in progress: TruOrleans Rendering

Anonymous said...

Really Margarte?? Little High on your horse are you? You are the queen of miss information and spreading rumors.. nice of you to try to take credit for everything H Street. For all of you twitter users out there the person to follow for all info Hst related is HstreetNE not hstreetdc!

Trinidader said...

The HStreetNE twitter feed just seems to be retweets of other places I follow already aside from the self-congratulatory tweet from today. Margaret always has great info and I never get the impression she is taking credit for the things going on around here. I even appreciate her non H Street related tweets. Keep up the good work Margaret and ignore the haters.

Campy said...


Not sure what that's all about but I appreciate the info Margaret puts out for sure. The more the merrier on H as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

To HStreetDC

"Don't deal in rumors. God knows there are enough of those on the corridor." ... the vast majority of which are started and/or perpetuated by YOU.

"Often people tweet and retweet stuff that isn't factual and this can hurt our local businesses."

kind of like how you like to modify people's tweets before retweeting them?

"I'm actually on H Street, mostly every day, sometimes more than once."

I'm actually on H Street too. Everyday. Because I actually own a business on H Street. And your manic behavior of running around and stirring up drama, trying to get the scoop and talking trash to and about everyone while chain smoking is tiresome. You live in some delusional universe where you believe having a twitter account make you legitimate--legitimate enough to barge in anywhere you want, asking questions, bullying owners into giving you information for the sake of getting rid of you. But the fact is that you don't own anything on the street. I don't think anyone pays you to be the representative of H street - perhaps I'm wrong.

On the surface, innocent people think you're a legitimate representative and appreciate the information you put out there. And I'm not saying you're not good at doing pr on Twitter. You're good at Twitter. And prolific. But all too often, you go off topic, voicing your personal and political opinions. if you're going to keep tweeting as HStreetDC those of us who actually own things and pay taxes, and have our own personal and political opinions--like for example, supporting the h street shuttle--would appreciate you keeping those things to yourself. Or, getting a personal account.

If you do not purport to represent H Street, then everything you do and the way you represent yourself says otherwise.

Without all of your drama, you are a very talented and useful person. But the reality is that you are someone who thrives on creating drama and stirring crap up so that you can then be the person to swoop down and fix it.

No matter whether or not I like your tweets, that behavior is not good for the street.

inked said...

let's not migrate any Twitter wars over here. As far as I'm concerned there is plenty of room for all the H Street related accounts. As far as ones that are easily confused in name go we've got three:
HStreetDC (Margaret);
HStreetNE (not sure who runs that one);
and HStNE (HSMS).

I'm kinda cool with all three existing, and I don't think infighting (or baiting) is productive for any on H Street. I think it mostly serves to confuse people, and to damage the overall "brand."

inked said...

Please let's be cool guys.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Inked on this one. This twitter hissyfit only makes each of you look like a jerk. None of us need protection from Margaret. She's done a of terrific work for H street NE. We can diff the news from opinion, and take it or leave it.
Why isn't someone writing about our new lamp posts not being metal but made of some sort of plastic or fiberglass type of material? There's one already busted on the north side of the 500 block of H.

Anonymous said...

anon 10 pm sounds like an ex.
Also, the design of Truleans looks awesome, though I doubt the patrons and the folks on the street will be 100% skinny white people.

Dave B said...

Cat fight!!! WOOF!

Anonymous said...

The whole truOrleans thing is fishy to me. More on Tru et al:

D.C. strip club has ties to gangster legend

Ex-felon’s role in D.C. mayor race dubious

Benjamin Murphy said...

Anybody going to Toki's soft opening this weekend!!!! I am!!!!!!