Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CHHNA Clean-Up/Cook-Out Saturday

It's spring (even if the forecast doesn't agree), and it's time to resume those neighborhood clean-ups, and reconnect with neighbors who might have been hibernating since fall. Full details an event in Near Northeast (organized by CHHNA).

9:00am – 9:30am: Join us at J.O. Wilson Elementary for coffee (sponsored by Sidamo) and donuts. This is where we will disseminate tools and trash bags provide by DC Department of Public Works.

9:30am – 12:00pm: Return to your block to clean up sidewalks, tree boxes, alleys, and everywhere else. Consider picking-up trash along the way and spreading out to other blocks. Tied-up and filled trash bags should be left at block corners for pick-up by NoMa’s cleaning crew who does a terrific job every day and will be a huge help on Saturday.

1:00pm – 3:00pm: JOIN US FOR A POST CLEAN-UP COOK-OUT! Hot dogs, hamburgers, and other traditional fare will be served compliments of CHNNA. Thanking everyone for participating in the clean-up and celebrating our community are the themes of the event. The cook-out will be held at the Loree Grand Lawn (entrance at SW corner of L and 2nd Streets, NE) – a BIG thank you to NoMa and Loree Grand in securing this space. Items you can bring to the cook-out include chairs, lawn games, balls, Frisbees, pets, kids, parents.

The weather forecast looks promising for Saturday. We are hoping to see everyone from the community come together to celebrate our neighborhood and the arrival of spring by picking-up litter and joining in the camaraderie of a social event. This is such a unique event in that we have participation from CHNNA members and non-members, Gallaudet student volunteers, interns from the Washington Center, NoMa, DPW, local business and more. We are so looking forward to seeing you there!


Campy said...

Thank you to the many people involved in setting community events like this up. It really goes a long way in making our already great neighborhood even better.

I look forward to participating Saturday.

Anonymous said...

NoMa BID guys cleaned my street last week. Within one day, the street was riddled with McDonalds trash bags, candy wrappers, and blunt casings.

I've identified the litter bugs.

Out of state commuters toss their McDonalds trash on the sidewalk before they walk to the NY Ave Metro. I can count at least four trash cans between their car and the metro. Also, DPW really needs to start ticketing non-permit holders.

Neighborhood kids discard their candy wrappers and junk food on the sidewalk without thinking twice. Parents are at fault. Though, what do you expect from a 20 year old with three children all under the age of five?

The teenagers with dreads loiter and toss their blunt casings in front of vacant properties. Seriously, get a job.

Anonymous said...

On my street, the main culprits are the construction workers walking from H-St back up to near Florida Ave during breakfast and lunch. I've caught a few of them throwing wrappers, food, and trash on the sidewalk. I've asked them to pick it up, but all I've gotten was the finger and a "F*ck you".

chez said...

You totally deserved it anon 6:12

inked said...