Monday, March 21, 2011

District Curmudgeon: Trinidad-Ivy City Neighborhood Initiative

The District Curmudgeon briefly discusses the Trinidad-Ivy City Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative, and a recent meeting regarding that initiative. The major goal of the program (which gets funding from HUD) is to to create affordable housing in the District.

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An Officer and a Gentrifier said...

Wonderful, just as areas that have been serious need of investment and improvement start to turn the corner - they decide to dump this type of garbage all over them. $39 million shortfall and were going to spend money to subsidize people living in places they can't normally afford?

I'm not completely heartless, mind you. I have no problem whatsoever using tax money to assist the homeless or the truly needy. The thing is though, there is no "right" to live in the city - or anywhere for that matter. If the "rent is too damn high" then you, like everyone else in history, must find better opportunities elsewhere.

I am a firm believer in homeownership and how it improves neighborhoods by giving people a stake in their condition. This is one of the reasons areas with high rentership to ownership ratios generally have piss-poor aesthetics. People that rent on the whole don't care when there's trash on the street or the yard looks like crap.

I am not in favor of "excelerating" the process of homeonwership - either through neo-con "free market" principles like the mortgage pyramid schemes that nearly collapsed the economy - or "affordable" housing initiatives that for all intents and purposes give people homes they can't pay for through subsidization. Neither establishes a keep component in what makes a good homeowner, RESPONSIBILITY.

Say what you will about gentrification... it WORKS.