Thursday, March 31, 2011

El Floridano Taking Over RnR Hotel's Kitchen

06 Hanoi Catfish sandwich - Banh Mi Restaurant
Random banh mi photo by Jason Lam (jasonlam)

Food truck El Floridano announced via Facebook that, starting tomorrow, they will take over the Rock and Roll Hotel's kitchen. Great news, but one question: does this mean banh mi will be on the menu? Update after the jump.

UPDATE 8:56pm

Banh mi ($9) will appear on the new menu at Rock and Roll Hotel. Here's the full menu (sorry it's tiny).



eye streeter said...

this would be great, but I smell an April Fool's prank.

Jules said...

No April fools joke there. Stefan Boillon is really taking it over. I had no idea RnR had a kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Banh Mi IS on the menu. This makes my month, even if it is $9.

And "Rosedale Wings"? Nice shout out to those of us just east of 15th!

inked said...

The kitchen at RnR is actually kind of huge.

Anonymous said...

$9 is more than twice the amount for banh mi at Pho 14 - which has some very decent banh mi. Are these banh mi any different?

charles said...

To paraphrase Hemingway, yes they are different - they cost more than twice as much.

tubbs said...

Inked: the oubliette I dug out in my basement is actually kind of deep. Doesn't mean you want to be there.