Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fruit Bat to Roll Out New Seasonal Menu


Fruit Bat, the funky Latin inspired cocktail lounge at 1236 H Street, plans to roll out a new seasonal menu next Wednesday. Fruit Bat is known for its fresh ingredients (bartenders actually squeeze fresh fruits behind the bar), and emphasis on creativity. It's a great place to escape and dream of summer while cooler temperatures hold on.


Anonymous said...

I guess I will give them another try. The two times I have been there the drinks were deplorable, which I just don't understand given the whole craft cocktail theme.

The food is great, however.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have had mixed experience with the cocktails there too. Last time I went on Friday night about a month ago their juicer was broken so they couldn't make most of their signature drinks, or any ones with fresh juices. Kind of ironic that a bar known for its fresh juice cocktails would be sidelined for a weekend without a working juicer. Sort it out, Fruit Bat--I won't give up on you (yet).