Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gofivo To Announce $2,500 in Prizes "Buried" on H

Could this rainbow point to the buried treasure?

New social media/mobile based service Gofivo currently offers various short term deals on local businesses. On April 1st it will announce the location for its contest. The lucky winners can claim cash prizes, charitable donations in their names, or hockey tickets. The prizes are "buried" somewhere on H Street.


Digger said...

Hmm so should I literally bring a shovel or borrow a backhoe? Is this part of the ongoing gentrification process? ;)

Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed this is on april fool's day?

tiger blood said...

my money is betting the "prize" is a hefty dump in my alley. winning!

Anonymous said...

Anybody else think this is a bizarre idea? Am I really supposed to be enticed into participating in a deal for the hope of showing up another time and getting in line for the hopes of getting a chance to dig around in a dirt lot somewhere?

Look, Groupons were great. Love Living Social. Gofivo, great on taking it to the next level with the hourly deals. But this "$2,500 is burined on H" is starting to remind me of the cheese normally reserved for Shoe Carnival.

Anonymous said...

Fyi its not a cash prize, its a charitable donation in your name.

inked said...

actually there are cash prizes involved, as well as charitable donations, and hockey tickets.

Kenny G said...

Great creative re-use of this picture of (pre-fire?) Jimmy's! I love the light on the trees. and... wait... is that a DOUBLE RAINBOW? Oh my god, what does it mean?!

Jon said...

Thanks Frozen Tropics for the post about our promotion, can't believe I didn't catch this earlier! The giveaway was at Little Miss Whiskey's (indeed on April 1st, no joke though) w/ $750 going to the MS Society & $250 to DC Central Kitchen. Perhaps it was a little bizarre, the intent was good fun.

Our goal w/ Gofivo is to give local businesses control of their own promotions and not take a cut of their sales, and help make the promotions easy to keep tabs on and participate in for local customers. Like a Craislist for local promotions. Thanks to everyone for checking out our service, we appreciate it!

Jon @Gofivo