Thursday, March 24, 2011

H Street Corridor Snags Best Up and Coming Neighborhood


The Washington City Paper's Best of Awards are out and H Street cleaned up big time. Here's the local list (let me know if I missed anyone):

H Street Corridor -- Best Up and Coming Neighborhood
Argonaut -- Best Neighborhood Phoenix
Dr. Granville's -- Best Mussels
Spot on Training (inside Metro Mutts) -- Best Pet Services
Biergarten Haus -- Best Outdoor Patio
Kostume Karaoke (Little Miss Whiskey's) -- Best Karaoke
Dangerously Delicious Pies -- Best Pie
Florida Market/Capital City Market -- Best Food Adventure


Anonymous said...

Was something mentioned about Toyland in this article? I think it was ranked something....

DAve b said...

Nothing Like a night out for italian at vapiano followed up with some guinness at fado. Who needs to go to europe

Anonymous said...

they left out Tubbs -- Best neighborhood blog troll.

Kenny G said...

Nice re-appropriation of the word 'snag'.

H Street Revitalization Hits a Snag


H Street Corridor Snags Best Up and Coming Neighborhood

@HStreetDC said...

H Street also got a bunch of Second and Third Place rankings. Nothing to sneeze at.

H Street got 2nd place (behind U Street) for Best Neighborhood for Nightlife
Evolve got 3rd for Best Property Management. (Bet the others don't have an art gallery.)
Joy of Motion got 2nd place for Best Dance Class, and 3rd for Best Dance Company.
Sticky Rice finished 3rd for Best Karaoke.
Taylor got 3rd for Best Late Night Eats
Ethiopic finished 3rd for Best Ethiopian (behind long-time stalwarts Dukem and Etete)

This is the fourth year in a row that Granville's has gotten Best Mussels.
H Street repeated as Best Up and Coming Neighborhood.
Did you expect this five years ago?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard aynthing about retail coming to H Street? We always hear about restaurants, which is great, but it was my understand that the middle blocks (7-10) would focus on retail.

Can we get some big names in here? is it the ANC that solicites companies, or do we just sit back and wait for a big company to "ask us to dance?"

Lets get this going!

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 8:46 a.m.

It's funny, I was just having that conversation last night with an H Street business owner, and the explanation he gave me actually made sense.

He said the retail will come eventually, but probably not until the area sees an influx of new residents, such as those that will come when the various new condo complexes are built.

The way he described it was that bars and art galleries tend to open up first, because artists need really inexpensive places to show their work, and bars can sustain themselves if they have good weekend business, attracting a lot of people from all over the city/metro area. Once a few bars become successful, restaurants start opening up, because locals will eat there during the week, and again, good restaurants will get lots of people from other areas coming in on the weekends.

Retail, however, is about 90% driven by local residents... i.e., foot traffic. Rarely will someone go across town to buy something if they can get the same thing at a similar price in their own neighborhood. Thus, we need more residents before the area can really support a lot of new retail establishments.

Anon 8:45 said...

Thanks for the info Anon 10:02. That does make sense. I hope that one day, we can make H Street a destination. At some point soon hopefully people will be willing to take the streetcar up and down to shopping and restaurants