Thursday, March 24, 2011

Khan's: See You on the 28th

James Lee (owner), Carmin Ruggiero (GM), and Nate Oser (Assistant GM) are ready to take good care of you at Khan's.

I stopped by Khan's Bar and Grill on Sunday to take a final look at the place before it opens, and to find out a little more about the concept. They will, of course, serve Mongolian bab-b-q. They will also have a 12 item asian fusion menu. Mongolian bar-b-q starts at $9 a bowl (fountain soda included). They open for lunch seven days a week starting at 11am. I'm told they plan to have everything running so customers can be in and out of there in under 20 minutes, making it idea for tight lunch hours. Mongolian bar-b-q dominates the scene until about 9pm (10pm on weekends). After that the late night menu takes over.
Ruggiero and Oser are both big soccer fans (yes, Khan's is a DC United Bar Partner), so expect to see that reflected in the content on the eleven big screen tvs at Khan's. One of those tvs is actually a 110" screen with a projector. Oh, and they have a Wii they might let people play on occasion.
They've got tweleve beers on tap, including Asahi Super Dry, Kirin Ichiban, PBR, and various craft brews. Beer not your thing? They'll probably have a few speciality cocktails, or you can drink sake, or some Japanese scotch...or maybe some white whiskey. You might even notice a barrel of the stuff aging behind the bar at some point. Remember when I said the bar-b-q cuts off around 10pm? Well, once that happens (and everything cools down) the bar-b-q station becomes a second bar. The ingredient buffet rolls over to the wall, and frees up valuable floor space.
There are plans for a patio in the future, but that's the future.


me said...

I'm so excited about this!

Tom A. said...

Anonymous said...

Place looks great! Nice that there can be two bars. Sake bombs anyone?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they will have their own offerings, because most of the Mongolian BBQ I've had tasted like ass. My of course.

Wrath of Khan said...


Brian White said...

Select your compliment???

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Love the spicy bulgogi!!!

Anonymous said...

Just ate there for dinner- love it!!!!
Welcome to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Just ate there. Good stuff. Throw in a little more meat though. Welcome to the neighborhood!!

Anonymous said...

I went to Khan's last night to grab a drink at the bar. I was impressed with the space. I didn't eat anything so I can't comment of the food, but the bar was cool. Love Carmin and Nate I will be a frequent flyer!

gibbs said...

hail to the redskins!!